Designer hanger in cardboard tube by the Ukrainian designer Viktor Puzur

hanger design idea dressing hangers original cardboard diy puzur

Ukrainian designer Viktor Puzur created "Trempel" , a design hanger made from the base of cardboard tubes. Viktor Puzur is an interior designer and industrial designer graduated from the Kharkiv National Academy of Industrial Design Department with specialty "Design and Arts".

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He knew ivi his studies from 2007 to 2011. He runs the workshop with his father, also a designer by profession. He is the designer of several creative projects like the table "Gentleman" , the foot lamp "Anaconda" , the bench "Zero" , the console table "C" , the hanging lamp "Slice" and many others.

Designer hanger made of cardboard tube by Viktor Puzur

hanger design idea dressing modern hangers diy

To carry out this project, Puzur used ordinary cardboard tubes which he then cut into inclined sections. Each section was then cut and drilled to make a hole in the top of the tube. After sanding the edges, each support is coated with a waterproof finish to prevent wetting if clothes are wet. The hangers are then ready for the hook.

The cardboard tubes used for the manufacture of the "Tremple" hanger and the hanging lamp with LED lighting "Slice"

hanger design carton tube idea diy viktor puzur design object

If this idea tempts you, it is easy to realize it at home and at a very small price. Once your hangers are ready, your friends will not believe they were made of cardboard tubes!

Here is an overview of the material that was used on the top of the hanger

hangers design idea diy viktor puzur modern cardboard metal

The material needed for the realization of this original and design hanger

hanger design cardboard idea viktor puzur original object design designer ukranian

Here hangers hang without clothes

hanger design cardboard dressing idea diy viktor puzur design

Here we see the process of installing hooks

viktor puzur designer ukranian hanger original cardboard diy ideas

The cardboard tube that was used for the manufacture of this hanger has a white inner liner

hanger cardboard idea design clothing dressing project design diy modern viktor

Close-up of the hook and the hanger, it looks like wood, is not it?

hanger cardboard hook idea diy original

Modern design hanger, original and at a small price! Thank you Viktor!

dressing idea practical storage hangers design cardboard diy hook idea metal

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