Designer shelves for storing your books with elegance

design shelves cattelan Italia

Decorate your interior with design shelves is not just for those who have huge collections of books at home. In fact, many people use designer shelves to store their books and give their contemporary interior a touch of personality and color.

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Add to that the fact that you do not have to decorate your shelves just with books. The shelves are a beautiful platform that can serve as a showcase for your most beautiful decorative accessories.

Original design shelves by Cattelan Italia

modern design shelves Cattelan Italia

So what kind of shelves do you prefer to have in your home? Most decorators and designers opt for wall or floating shelves - more economical in space. But if you have a spacious room, you can afford to have large freestanding shelves to store your most valuable belongings. The shelves we are going to present in this article are really very elegant and original and we are sure they will please you.

Simple and elegant design shelves by Cattelan Italia

Design shelves cross cattelan Italia

In the photos you will discover shelves by Cattelan Italia . The Cross shelf by Philip Jackson is really very simple and minimalist and takes up very little space. We also love design shelves Nuvola that distinguish themselves from ordinary wooden shelves by their original design. You will also see the Piquant shelf. It is for those who need much more than a simple shelf to put in the corner. Look also at our other elegant proposals in pictures. They are all beautiful, practical and original:

Design glass shelves

design shelves Nuvola Cattelan Italia

Glass Wall Shelves by Cattelan Italia

wall-mounted design shelves Nuvola Cattelan Italia

Original design wall shelves

bookshelves design cattelan italia

Elegant shelves in white

white wall shelf Cattelan Italia

Idea of ​​decoration with modern shelves

wood wall shelf spicy Cattelan Italia

Shelves for modern books

design wall shelf Cattelan Italia

Ultra modern shelves by Cattelan Italia

interesting wall shelf design cattelan Italia

original design wall shelf Pendola

wall shelf elegante Cattelan Italia

modern wall shelf cattelan italia

red modern wall shelf Cattelan Italia

shelves original design cross cattelan italia

Nuvola glass design shelves

elegant design wall shelf

design wall shelf Piquant Cattelan Italia

decorations design lacrosse idea cattelan italia

original design nuvola

bookshelves Cattelan Italia

design shelf cabinet Cattelan Italia

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