Develop your garden: the Baroque style for example

develop your baroque garden

Often the desire to develop your garden not missing but what is missing is inspiration. What you are preaching today is to choose the baroque style for your garden.

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To develop your garden you need clear ideas and a precise plan. This can be a bit more difficult if you have a small garden that you want to visually enlarge. But let's start with a bit of history on the baroque style before starting to remodel your outdoor space.

Set up your garden in a majestic Baroque style

develop your baroque garden 1

The Baroque style is a style marked by opulence and romance. It dates from the time of Louis XIV between 1600 and 1750. Nowadays this decorative style more attenuated but still pleases as much. If you want to decorate your garden in a baroque style, you have to bet a lot on the accessories and their exact location. Baroque gardens are characterized by low borders, "flower carpets", statuettes, fountains and pergolas.

Garden in a modern baroque style

develop your modern baroque garden

You have to make your decorative elements of focal points that catch the eye. You can then rearrange or change their places and make different compositions. To arrange your garden in the baroque style means to divide the space into areas. Try to create various corners that can not be examined at a glance. Form small islands with your favorite plants and flowers alternating with lawns and shrubs.

Set up a baroque garden with statuettes and flowers

to develop his garden baroque flowers

You can also make stairs and arrange different levels where you can plant your plants. These plants will grow freely on several levels, without cluttering the neighbors planted in the background or in the foreground. Three times more space with a simple slope! Most of the examples presented are examples of unique gardens of castles, palaces and villas. To make your garden look bigger visually in the baroque style is no longer a secret for you now!

A large garden furnished in baroque style

develop your garden

Spacious walkways are characteristic for the baroque garden

to develop his baroque garden

A large and spacious park with baroque furnishings

to develop a large baroque garden

Green islands with a fountain in the middle ensures the baroque style for a baroque decor

to develop his garden baroque islands

A garden decorated in baroque Italian style

to develop his Italian baroque garden

A sumptuous park in a castle in the Loire

to develop his baroque garden Loire

The church Lucena in Spain and its baroque style garden

to develop his baroque garden lucena

The geometric shape of the shrubs is one of the characters of the baroque garden

to develop his baroque garden small islands

An example of baroque garden in a villa in Pompei

to develop his baroque garden pompei

Flower pots are also a decorative asset

arrange his-garden baroque pots

A baroque and spacious garden, excellent for walks

to develop his baroque garden statuette

The garden is divided into sections e t islands to look bigger

to develop his baroque garden villa capponi

An excellent Baroque decoration for this small garden

to develop a small baroque garden

develop your garden style

to develop his garden baroque style

to develop his garden style italy

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