Dining room suspension: elegance and originality

beautiful concrete luminaire

Lighting is an essential element for the proper functioning of an interior. Certainly, in the daily life we ​​live, the light is vital to us, but beyond the need exists the aesthetics and the world of design lacks any proposals.

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Over the years, the lighting industry has been booming. It is no longer a question of lighting a room, but of highlighting it, of emphasizing the source of light and making it almost the heart of the decor. Of course - and you probably do not learn much by saying that - each piece has its own lighting style. Our article today focuses on a type of lighting associated with a particular room: the suspension dining room .

LT05 NORTH : light and adjustable dining room suspension

multicolored dining room suspension

This can be individual or, as it is in most cases, multiple. Below, we explore both variants. Lighting a dining room is important because it not only illuminates the dining table, but also creates a warm atmosphere that often requires a dim light instead of direct lighting. For this, it is important to choose both the type of lighting (halogen, LED ...) that the material of which is your luminaire .

Multiple cement dining room lamp

hanging cement dining room

Nowadays, the LED lighting seems to dominate the market due to its low energy consumption. Explore all your options, however, before making a purchase. As for materials, the list continues to grow. There is already the choice of bulbs - for "open" lamps that expose the bulb, we advise you to opt for an Edison bulb that will prevent you from being blinded or burn your hands because its glass is more thick and its more specific filament. Then comes the choice of materials for the dining room suspension. We are talking here not only about PVC, brass or blown glass but more and more atypical materials such as porcelain, concrete or marble.

Zeppelin: superb luminaire with black painted steel frame

superb black painted steel luminaire

You will also find polypropylene, steel and aluminum lamps on the market, as well as crystal and fabric. Of course, the choice of material contributes to the style in which you want to dress your room. For a contemporary look or minimalist, opt for blown glass, brass or black painted steel. If you are a fan of industrial style, choose rust metal or concrete. If instead, you prefer a warmer touch, there are wooden variants. The fabric is also a soft option that exudes a natural style.

Elegant hanging lamp in blown glass

light delicate glass suspension

For lovers of eclectic and more extravagant lighting, PVC braided, crystal or polypropylene often give surprising results. That's all you need for your next dining room suspension purchases. We let you savor the rest of the proposals in pictures.

Heavy Metal : beautiful lamps with Edison bulbs

multiple LED dining room suspension

Snowdrop: chic lamps in simplicity and bright colors

modern chic aluminum suspensions

Blub 3: atypical lamp or Greek marble sculpture?

marble suspension direct lighting

interesting lighting for direct lighting

atypical lighting direct lighting

Multiple dining room and modular suspension

multiple dining room metal

LED chandelier that exudes simplicity and delicacy

LED minimalist metal suspension coated

Modern lamp that revisits the shape of the bell

suspended bell-shaped lamp

Suspension for the slightly extravagant and made of porcelain

artistic LED porcelain suspensions

Original pendant lamp with fluorescent tubes for a modern look

trendy fluorescent chandelier

Braided PVC dining room suspension

braided pvc luminaires

Decorative lighting as elegant as original

beautiful minimalist deco lamps

Polypropylene suspension: the star of the room

polypropylene artistic suspension

Beautiful oak lamp to add a little warmth to the decor

beautiful oak suspension

Varied shades for an eclectic and industrial look

flexible suspension varied offal days

hanging fabric lamps

atypical lamp comm center attention

cup cake classic lighting

brass luminaire geometric shape surprising

hanging dining room in woven

halogen lamp in red glass

suspensions handmade multicolored

chic multiple suspension design

multiple pyrex suspension

versatile candlestick as gone out versailles

surprising LED luminaire

extravagant aluminum lighting

simple chic design suspensions

LED bird suspension on branch

angels falls suspension halogen crystal

beautiful glass chandeliers

delicate and elegant lighting

trio minimalist suspension brass

suspension led direct lighting

hanging dining room handmade

crystal modular chandelier

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