DIY cheap and original deco for home in autumn

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Looking for cheap DIY ideas for making autumn ornaments? Check out our home DIY proposals for this season! Autumn is a time of year when we celebrate the fruits of nature, while preparing for the colder months.

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And, quite naturally, this preparation does not pass the decoration of the house. In autumn, one seeks to make his house more welcoming thanks to warm colors, pleasant aromas and fruits offered from the abundance of the earth. It is on these elements that our ideas of cheap decoration that you can realize from now on to welcome the autumn rest.

Cheap decor for fall: ideas of colors and fabrics

interior house deco autumn

The natural fabrics in the autumn color palette are basic elements for a cheap decoration that you can make easily. Use wool, cotton, and burlap to create crowns for your front door. Use it too to decorate glass jars that you can turn into pretty vases. Create compositions of flowers or autumn leaves and store them in the vases thus obtained to decorate the table in your dining room, a console in the entrance of your house or a coffee table in your living room.

Cheap decoration: idea of ​​decorative composition

decorating living room decoration cheap autumn

The blackboards or those painted in the colors of the season are an excellent center of decorative compositions. Other decorative sets that are easy to make with a little paint and burlap are those with photo frames, as in the picture below. Surround them with candles, garlands, dead leaves, pine cones, feathers or else acorns in natural color or painted in various shades.

Cheap decorating idea: making flavored candles

to make a naturally flavored candle

To complete the atmosphere in your home, you can also create candles flavored natural. They are easy to make: use a jar or glass jar, candle wick, and beeswax that you must melt in a bain-marie. To flavor your ecological candles, use the season's natural flavors, such as orange, cinnamon and vanilla, for example. Take inspiration from the picture above for the finishing touches of your candle decoration.

Cheap decorating idea for autumn table

cheap table decoration autumn

If there is a time of year when the fruit is a mandatory decorative accessory, it is fall. The fruits offer a thousand possibilities for a cheap and original decoration. For starters there are, of course, centerpieces made with fruits such as apples, pears or bunches of grapes. This kind of centerpieces is associated, historically, with the period of the harvest and the harvest. That's why, it makes us think naturally about the abundance, the richness and it brings a happy atmosphere around the table.

DIY cheap deco: original apple crown

homemade do-it-yourself apples

Another original way to use fruit to make a cheap home decoration is to create a crown with apples. All you need is a sturdy base and apples of a similar size and color to make the pretty crown as in the picture above.

Cheap deco idea for autumn table by Place Of My Taste

interior easy deco house

Those who want a cheap and even more original decoration could also choose to paint fruits and vegetables in the colors of gold and silver. These colors are particularly suitable for autumn decoration because they evoke the profusion of nature. An interesting example of decoration of this kind is available on the DIY blog Place of My Taste; we present you a picture at the top.

DIY cheap and natural deco with white pumpkins

fall deco living room idea

Speaking of cheap decoration with fruit, let's not forget all the compositions and ornaments that can be made with pumpkins. Small pumpkins are an excellent decoration for a fireplace or a console. They could also complement the centerpieces with fruit or crowns for door or fireplace decoration.

Idea of ​​cheap decor with pumpkin

pumpkin home decoration

In addition, these nice little fruits could be dug and used as candlesticks. Medium or small pumpkins are excellent natural and ecological ornaments for your fall decor. If you wish, you can add some extra touches: glitters easy to stick on the surface of pumpkins, decorative elements made with nail polish, stickers etc.

Idea of ​​deco cheap to make oneself for this autumn

autumn house ideas

If you have the DIY spirit, you know it beforehand: the successful decoration is not necessarily the one that is the most expensive. With that in mind, get inspired to tinker with your fall decorations by exploring the images in our gallery:

DIY autumn deco

houses diy decor fall

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