DIY idea: turn your old glasses into pots of flowers

DIY idea hand-painted receipts

The weekend is approaching and we propose you today a DIY idea both fast, easy and inexpensive. If you have some broken glasses lying around in the kitchen, or some dusty cups that you do not need anymore, this deco idea may well please you.

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DIY Idea for Adults: Recycle your old glasses into beautiful hand-painted containers

painted rustic effect container

Apart from the glasses, you will of course need some paint. White and black are a perfect match for this project, but be free to combine your own colors. If we stick to the white / black contrast, it is possible to add some touches of gold for more character. Tissues will also be useful, as well as a spray or lacquer to protect your creations once completed.

Here are the materials needed for your DIY project

materials needed for brico project

After thoroughly washing and drying your glasses to make sure there is no dust residue on the surface, start painting the glasses indoors. This step can be done with spray paint. We recommend that you choose a color on the inside and a contrasting color on the outside. For example, black is very chic on the inside and it brings out the white on the outside.

Glass covered with spray paint

aerosol can black color

Once the interior is dry, the real creation can begin. Take your brush and apply the color by tapping lightly along the glass, from top to bottom. Do not be perfectionists - with this DIY idea beauty lies precisely in imperfection. You can let the brush strokes visible, it will add character to your small containers. If you really want a smoother finish, take a tissue to apply the paint without leaving too much residue.

Over the black, you can start painting with visible brush strokes

two-color visible brush strokes

When you are satisfied with your artwork, let it dry and take another color - in this case black - to start from the bottom up. The way the colors are going to mix depends only on you. For a more rustic and vintage effect, be spontaneous and let yourself be guided by your fingers. The desired effect is that of an irregular and imperfect mixture.

Do not dwell on details - here beauty is in imperfection

two-color hand-painted glass

Once finished, wait a little before adding a few touches of walleye, if you wish. A metallic paint is a good idea if you want to add a little pep to your new containers. The walleye gives a chic side and stands out well from black and white. You can of course dare with more vivid shades like red, for example. When you have your new design object, consider lacquering it to prevent the paint from flaking off. After all, you let the artist express yourself, it would be a shame to damage your containers.

Once the white and black applied, you can enrich your palette by applying a little bit of golden touches

final result with touch of gold paint

There you go ! In one hour, with this idea DIY, you have just transformed your damaged and unusable glasses into mini-accessories that can serve you again. Your design containers are now ready to play the role of flower pots where to plant small cacti or landless plants like Tillandsia. Also remember to use these new containers as candle holders, or as pots pencils. The options are many, you just need to make imagination and you're done!

And that's how to transform a damaged glass into a mini-vase

DIY idea mini vases or candle holder

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