DIY wedding decor to welcome spring

wedding decor all in bright colors

Many couples choose the spring to pronounce their wishes and to pass the alliance around the finger. We understand why and in this article, we would like to pay tribute to this beautiful season where trees bud and tulips hatch.

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So, we look at the wedding decor who dresses in the sweetness of spring, but today, we add a zest of DIY by exploring the kingdom of the DIY deco .

Wedding decor that breathes Mediterranean air and celebrates blue

beautiful Mediterranean blue theme

From the paper lantern, to the centerpiece which sports either DIY vase Whether it's a log, a stand, or a personalized garland that you can hang between two trees in your garden, there are many ideas. Aside from decorative accessories that you can make yourself, you can also get into recycling and reuse, for example, bottles of wine and turn them into candelabra or in vase for twigs or dried flowers.

Floral Lanterns Overlook the Wedding Room

deco wedding lanterns floral motifs

Beyond objects and decorative elements, you can always bet on color. The pale and pastel shades are of course predominant, among them are peach orange, salmon pink or off-white. For a little contrast, sprinkle the decor of several color accents like bright yellow, sparkling green, or even fuschia pink if it lends itself to the chosen color palette. Just think of bringing out the freshness of this beautiful season with, for example, bouquets of flowers and fresh fruits and your decor will be successful!

Beautiful baroque cage overflowing with flowers pastel color

beautiful baroque cage filled with flowers

Peach-colored lanterns matched with dishes and table decor

salmon fishing shades pale decoration

Rustic centerpiece with slice of log as support

beautiful decorating idea for romantic atmosphere

Giant balloons for a jovial and elegant atmosphere

giant red and white balloons

DIY center table with containers wrapped with thin rope

rustic centerpiece wooden washer

Old-fashioned treats for sweet beaks

sweet delicacies white lace

There is no good holiday without good food

a party comes with good food

herringbone wallpaper assorted flowers

mini flower vases

centerpiece with flowers

beautiful vase painted pastel colors

Peachy color with softness

DIY wreath for spring

beautiful flowery table runner

hung ribbons bound space

pastries on a stick

wedding decoration life in pink


wedding decor dominated by good mood yellow

multicolored knots gifts

elegant gourmet lollipops

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