Double-sided fireplace: 13 examples from Melbourne to Buenos Aires

fireplace double sided idea interior design modern fireplace installation

The fireplace is a focal point in the layout of a room. Seen as the heart of conviviality and place of shared warm moments, its main role is to warm up, but also to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

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The double-sided fireplace offers all this, but in addition it has the role of separating spaces. These two sides offer the pleasure of combining two different styles and enjoying its soft fire on both sides: often the living room and the dining room. If you want to install a double-sided fireplace at home to separate your rooms and you are looking for inspiring ideas for its design and installation, we invite you to discover this selection of 13 modern spaces fitted with insert fireplaces double-sided.

Double-sided fireplace in an apartment in Hobart Australia

fireplace double sided idea wood insert fireplace living room dining room ergonomic chair

These two homes, located in Australia, allow you to enjoy the soft fire of the fireplace from the inside as well as from outside. They also separate the two spaces with elegance. The first interior was designed by Studio 11 Architects, while the second is made by the studio Make Architecture.

Double-Faced Fireplace in an Apartment in Melbourne Australia, Make Architecture Design

double sided fireplace idea insert living room dining room divider room

More and more people live in open spaces for several reasons: more space, more light, more friendly atmosphere ... If that's your case, you probably want to separate the living room from your dining room but without really close them. The double sided chimney is the perfect room divider for you. Here is an apartment, located on Long Island in New York, with a double-sided fireplace separating the living room and the dining room:

Fireplace double-sided in an apartment in Long Island, New York

idea fireplace double sided insert fireplace living room dining room

In winter we tend to stay at home and do not put much nose outside. If you do not want to spend the cold days locked up at home and enjoy a little of your garden and terrace, then why not install a outdoor fireplace ?

Fireplace in Truckee, California

double sided fireplace insert fireplace idea chair

The interior of this apartment located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was designed by Estudio Galera Arquitectura . This large industrial style space combines rustic materials and wood. The floor is concrete, while the furniture is wood. The fireplace separates the dining room and the living room. Its black color distinguishes it from the rest of this interior in light colors.

Double-sided fireplace in an apartment in Buenos Aires Argentina

fireplace double sided separator room idea dining room wood table living room

Minimalist style interior with double sided fireplace in Slovakia

modern interior fireplace insert living room deco sofa black parquet wood floor mats gray

An apartment in Richfield, Wisconsin in the United States

fireplace double sided installation fireplace idea dining room

Apartment located in Chicago

fireplace insert idea double sided fireplace living room coffee table black

Apartment located in Vancouver Canada

modern interior separator coin idea armchair cushion floor mat wall chart

Design double-sided fireplace, Turks & Caicos Island

fireplace insert double sided idea fireplace lounge sofa

Minimalist style apartment with double sided chimney in the Netherlands

apartment double sided fireplace idea installation white table design

Interior design Stonefox

idea fireplace double sided living room fireplace

Apartment located in Melbourne Australia

fireplace double sided interior idea design living room dining room separator room foyer

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