Dress up an Ikea furniture: some interesting ideas

ikea furniture makeover

Many of us love furniture Ikea and to use them for the decoration of our houses. But sometimes, we want to customize one of these pieces of furniture. If you want to give a little different look to your Ikea furniture or simply to renovate an old table or a chair of the brand, we have an interesting solution to offer: Makeover furniture Ikea is easy, fun and can give very elegant and sophisticated results!

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Makeover furniture Ikea: library with sliding ladder

interior design furniture ikea

To revamp your living room or work area in your home, it's easy to use one of the Ikea libraries. Sold at reasonable prices and easy to assemble, this furniture is an ideal solution for both student studio than for a bigger house. Customize them with a few additions like a sliding ladder retrieved or sold at Ikea to transform the look of the space and make the top shelves of the library more accessible!

Idea to relook a furniture Ikea: Mysingso chair by Kristy Murphy

modern design chairs Ikea

To give some extra personal touches to your living room, you could repaint a Mysingso chair, as pictured above. And, if you like the combination of black and gold, why not get inspired by the idea of ​​coffee table relooking and stools in these colors, as in the picture below?

Dress up an Ikea furniture in black and gold

idea brico relooker furniture Ikea

Make an original headboard, do you mind? If the answer is yes, you can use Ikea's Malm headboard as a base for your original creation. And to complete the decor of your room, inspire yourself beautiful night tables restyled on the image below. Discover the rest of our ideas to revamp an Ikea furniture with the pictures below!

Idea to revamp furniture Ikea: bedside tables

customize table furniture

Idea makeover and repaint the metallic elements of a furniture Ikea

idee deco revamp a design furniture

Ikea furniture makeover idea with wallpaper

painting relooking a furniture decoration child

Dress up an Ikea furniture to personalize the bedroom

idea room decoration makeover a piece of furniture

Renovation of furniture Ikea Bekvam

revamp furniture ikea Bekvam

Ikea furniture makeover idea for living room

makeover living room furniture

bedside table design relook

ideas customize design furniture

makeover Ikea bench

makeover furniture design Ikea

living room furniture ikea relook

ikea lamps repaint a piece of furniture

Ikea console deco and renovation

idea to customize design furniture

Ikea makeover house lighting

photo deco salon Borgsjo

relook Expedit living room design living room

furniture idea brico ikea

Scandinavian decoration kitchens ikea relooks

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