Dressing idea in more than 45 fashion examples

idea dressing storage furniture wood ottoman floor mats white laying

Are you looking for a dressing room idea original? For those who own a large wardrobe, the dressing is more than a whim, it is a necessity.

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There are many solutions to store your clothes: wardrobes, large closets, designer dressers, carrying and others. To have a tidy and modern dressing room, it is not enough to buy furniture, you must calculate the space you have: is it an entire room or space in your bedroom? To help you in your search and to give you ideas for the layout, storage and decoration of your dressing room, we have selected more than 45 examples of inspiring ideas of dressings of different sizes and utility.

Wardrobe idea - minimalist style in white

dressing idea carrying cabinet closet storage

Having a dressing room is an attractive idea for girls and boys. Depending on the space and the wardrobe, the dressing room differs. Opened or closed, a whole room or a bearing, the dressing room does not lack of options to adapt to all the desires and needs.

Dressing idea for the dressing table

dressing idea furniture closet vanity table chair mirror stool

To store a dressing room in your room, you can create a simple closet with storage or transform your hallway dressing. Remember the dressing of the heroine of actress Sarah Jessica Parker of the famous movie Sex and the City ?. You can have the same! For tight spaces, it is always possible to create a custom dressing room. If your room does not allow the installation of a dressing room, but you have a little room, then opt for a walk-in closet. You can design it ideally and nestle in every nook and cranny of your room.

Dressing room in Sex and the City style

idea of ​​dressing modern layout wearing carpet

Some people like it exhibit their clothes, others prefer that they are not visible. If you have an open closet in your room and you want to insulate your clothes from looks and dust, you can put a curtain if it is a door or a light sliding door if it is furniture (small cabinet, shelves and others).

Dressing idea to manufacture oneself with washbasin and white washstand

easy DIY dressing idea carrying furniture vanity table

Have you thought about lighting? If you have a large wardrobe, light plays a vital role in helping you find what you are looking for. In addition, you will reduce your time digging before going out! Depending on the size of your dressing room, you choose design luminaires in suspension or for a lighting integrated ceiling. If you have deep cabinets, a good idea is to install small light fixtures even indoors for better visibility.

Dressing room in a large room with several cupboards and a dressing table

idea of ​​dressing room furniture armchair blue dressing table

For a functional and optimal dressing room, it is advisable to multiply the storage space. By putting boxes, lockers, baskets and more, you'll make it easy to search in the morning before leaving home. Having a hat box, a sock box, a scarf basket is much more convenient than a large wardrobe that is used to store everything.

Idea storage of shoes, accessories and clothing in a deep closet

idea dressing storage cabinet wood drawers wood floor mats beige shelves

Luxurious and elegant walk-in closet with built-in false ceiling lighting

idea storage dressing furniture design pouf armchair lighting modern dressing

Large dressing room with dressing table

dressing idea storage armchair bouquet flowers vanity table shoes

Pink armchair and black and white patterned floor mats

idea of ​​female dressing room woman fixture hanging chair pink closet mat black and white

Dressing room in white with blue armchair

wardrobe wood drawers storage armchair blue floor mat lighting fixture

Two simple storage ideas for open dressing

idea of ​​dressing room dresser wood design storage shelves

Dressing room in very feminine and elegant white

storage idea dressing curtain mirror design table pouf

Two furniture ideas

idea of ​​dressing storage furniture armchair chair carpet flowers bouquet

Two ideas of wooden dressers

dressing cabinet storage lighting suspension shelves wood armchair stool

Drawers, boxes, baskets and lockers ... all possible storage are welcome!

dressing small storage idea round mirror cabinet wood dresser drawers

idea of ​​dressing storage chair furniture design curtains windows

mirror table idea furniture furniture wood stool

Dressing room with integrated ironing board

idea dressing room furniture ironing board wood furniture design wall decoration

wooden furniture dressing room dressing room idea dressing

idea of ​​dressing room furniture dresser storage cabinet clothes

child wardrobe idea furniture storage furniture closet


idea of ​​dressing room layout wearing dresser shelf rug

furniture storage closet wood closet lighting dressing depth

wardrobe idea storage wood drawers shoes ottoman yellow floor mats graphic pattern

idea of ​​dressing room pouf storage shelves wooden furniture floor mats

idea of ​​dressing storage storage drawers wood design idea arrangement painting pink

storage closet open furniture wood design idea mirror

open dressing room bed shelves wood wearing design floor mats curtains

idea dressing storage chest of drawers wood design white wood shelving units integrated ceiling lighting

dressing man storage idea furniture wood drawers design shirts pants storage

wardrobe storage cabinet wooden drawers modern armchair lighting integrated original

small dressing idea furniture design white wood design wallpaper wall decor

wooden bench dressing fitting laying floor mats design closet

dressing cabinet wood drawers tapsi floor bench design mirror

lighting dressing idea floor rug gray furniture wooden frame carrying white armchair

walk-in closet idea furnishings storage rack chair white bench rug purple

stylish dressing room idea decorating deco dressing toilet table

idea dressing arrangement storage dresser drawer lighting

dressing lighting idea drawer modern wood stool toilet table

dressing storage idea furniture wood chair pink mirror fixture suspension chair cushion

storage dressing idea armchair carpet beige luminaire suspension

large open closet idea drawers wood storage modern

idea dressing storage jewelry pouf gray carrying

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