Dressing room with curtain: 25 practical and pretty proposals

dressing room with open curtain-island-wood-landscaping

The dressing room with curtain is a practical and pretty solution that is required in many spaces, large or small, for various reasons. The times when it was considered that this type of dressing was an unsightly and unsustainable complement are well over.

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Nowadays, more and more owners and tenants are turning to the dressing room with curtain.

Dressing room with aesthetic curtain for small room or studio room

dressing room with curtain idea of ​​separation space

At first, there was a main motivation for choosing the dressing room with curtain. It generally affected the lack of space for the layout of a dressing room with "real" doors. For this reason, very often, was also added the fact that many tenants wished to be able to make a dressing even when they lived in an apartment where they could not necessarily carry out too important renovations.

Idea layout of small dressing room with curtain

dressing room with curtain deco small spaces

From there appeared the concept of the dressing room with curtains which has prevailed in the houses of different sizes. In fact, there are now owners who prefer to exchange the doors of their dressing room for curtains. What are the reasons for this change? They depend on spaces.

Dressing idea with curtains by Ikea

dressing room with curtain interior decoration

First, there are always those who live in an apartment or studio small space. They are entitled to a comfortable dressing room to store their clothes and shoes. Then there are the owners of houses who do not like the appearance of the doors of their wardrobes, often damaged by the long years of use.

Idea for dressing room storage with curtain for children's room

dressing room with curtain child deco room

In addition, some people discover that they like better the decoration of their bedroom when the color of their dressing with curtain goes with that of bedding or carpet, for example. Finally, there are parents who find, thanks to the experience or the advice of friends, that the dressing room with curtains is a great decorating idea for the small child's room . Because, as we hear you show, this option is pretty and it reduces the risk of injury to children.

How to build a dressing room with curtains?

dressing room with curtain amenagement small room

The dressing room with curtains is really not a very difficult and demanding task from the point of view of the time that must be devoted to it. This is one of the reasons why this dressing design is so popular nowadays. Below, we reveal a few clothes storage options of this style.

Dressing layout in a wall niche

bedroom decor adult small spaces dressing

The easiest way to create a dressing room in your bedroom is to use an empty wall niche. Inside, we install storage for the objects we want to keep. For more comfort, invest in practical and comfortable storage that is found in specialized shops.

Teenager dressing room design idea

dressing room with curtain bedroom-ado-decoration

Certainly, you will spend a little more money initially. But you will also increase your storage space and enjoy drawers and functional open storage. Afterwards, they will allow you to find your business at a glance. Finish by installing one or two curtains, depending on the size of your wall niche.

Design a dressing room for bedrooms with curtains

ideas bedroom walkings bedroom separation

Customize the space inside the niche according to your needs. If you have a lot of jewelry or other small accessories, think about sliding a low furniture with drawers. Conversely, if you have a large collection of dresses, coats or other clothes that occupy a lot of space, reserve enough space on the full height of your DIY dressing room.

How to arrange an open dressing room with curtains using a wardrobe

master bedroom small dressing room with curtain

Another option is to add curtains to an already existing open cabinet. Whether you rent or own a home, we may end up with an open storage cabinet that we want to separate from the rest of the interior space. In this case, we already have lots of drawers and shelves; it is therefore up to us, simply, to find a fabric that we like and use it as a substitute for a dressing room door.

Small dressing room layout

ideas dressing ikea bedroom layout

Depending on the type of dressing room and its shape, the curtains can be attached to the sides of the furniture itself or in front of it. The first option is simpler to apply and leaves no trace on the walls. It will appeal to those who are not very experienced in DIY and tenants. The second possibility has the main advantage of completely hiding the dressing. To try if you want to completely separate your clothes storage space from your wardrobe!

Child and baby dressing room layout

dressing room with curtain bedroom-child-idee-deco

Parents are not unaware that the kids 'and teens' bedroom needs separate clothing storage. In the case of the youngest, it may be an area where you keep the clothes and some of the toys. For older children, the dressing room will occupy more space. But it will also allow you to better organize all the affairs of your daughter or your son!

Dressing room with curtain for children's room

dressing room curtain furniture child room

If the dressing child and teenager is inspired by that of adults, it should not miss a few touches typical of the age of your daughter or your son. So choose curtains that suit the imagination of a child or teenager. The easiest way to do it? Use curtains for child or teen room windows, simply! Thanks to their patterns and prints, they will be much more adapted to the interior space.

Decoration and dressing room storage

storage wardrobes with curtains child rooms

Apply the same principle for the decoration of your improvised child dressing. Select small storage that will appeal to your little one. If necessary, recycle your old boxes, bins and baskets using fabrics and wallpapers!

Even more dressing room ideas with curtains

do a dressings with curtains

If the idea of ​​a dressing room with curtain tempts you, see our proposals in the gallery below!

Room separation and dressing room with curtains

room separation of room dressings curtains

Small open dressing room with curtains

ideas ikea curtain dressings

Dressing and curtain idea for studio or bedroom

idea furniture dressing room small spaces

Large dressing room with curtain

storage idea dressing curtains

Dressing room with curtain in neutral color for bedroom

to make a dressing rooms room separation

bedroom curtains dressing room

decorating idea room curtain a dressing room

room amenagement curtains

small dressing room with curtain bedroom studio

to arrange small dressing with curtain

rooms girl curtain cabinet dressing

dressings curtains bedroom boy furniture

dressing room with curtain ideas separation of rooms

dressing room with decorative curtain bedroom

amenager furniture adult rooms dressings

dressing room with curtain idea deco rooms children

dressing room with curtain arrangement child rooms

do a dressing room office area

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