Druida: the modern mobile barbecue of the Druids

mobile barbecue Druida metal mahogany wood

A mobile barbecue is the indispensable cooking tool for belly and morale! With salads, refreshing drinks, fresh baguettes, with a little sausage and cheese, a picnic atmosphere is assured in your garden.

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Its current design is the result of an evolution that has focused on the practical and aesthetic aspects, leading to American barbecue , with its flattened oval appearance that we know well on this side of the Atlantic today.

Druida mobile barbecue with wooden lid

mobile barbecue Druida wooden lid

Druida is the name of this mobile barbecue that comes from the collective of designers Marmeladaestudio . They have changed enough to make it elegant, while keeping the original spirit of the barbecue. The grid, which is intersecting with druidic cauldrons, has been reworked to mark the cooked meat in a beautiful pattern, the feet and the lid are mahogany wood. Wood and fire can also coexist, the obvious proof for this is this beautiful mobile barbecue.

The grid with an intersecting inspired by druidic cauldrons

intertwining grid inspires druidic cauldrons

Perfect for fans of summer BBQ! Near your swimming pool at the heart of your garden or next to your outdoor kitchen, the barbecue Druida mobile is fully adapted to large and small spaces. Elegance and aesthetics have been planned in the design of this mobile barbecue, as if it were a piece of furniture. In any case, it was the idea of ​​the designers. What do you think, would you buy this mobile barbecue for your outings?

Zoom of this original barbecue

zoom barbecue design

Druida barbecue, in nature

barbecue druida nature view

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