Easter 2015: 50 original ideas

Easter 2015 view elegant decoration flowers small eggs

Easter : a warm and pleasant party. It's the sun that's back, it's the smell of spring, the joy in the eyes of children, the bright colors that surround our homes.

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What a beautiful season, which makes us forget the rigors of winter, which makes us want to celebrate this beautiful holiday. Looking for modern, cheap ways to decorate your home House ? We will help you with some aesthetic tips for Easter 2015 and trends that are modern in decoration.

A cheap Easter 2015 DIY idea with eggs and roses

DIY idea Easter 2015 pink eggs

This year the decoration is bright, with bright colors. The spring-related elements, the trees, take an important place in the decoration of wreaths and Easter eggs.

A door wreath with decorative eggs

black crown door view decorative eggs

A good choice is the use of live flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, lily of the valley, in harmony with the rest of your decoration. Take, for example, an eggshell, put flowers, as in a vase. You can stick the eggshells on a small nest, or a bundle of wood.

Easter 2015: nice decoration with rabbits, flowers and eggs

Easter 2015 decoration rabbits flowers eggs

It is important to tidy the table for this beautiful Easter 2015. Choose the colors of tablecloths and towels. The two main colors of Easter are green and yellow, but you can use the tones you prefer. Feel free to turn your towels into works of art.

Beautiful Easter table decoration ideas

beautiful ideas decoration table easter

For example, you can fold tablecloths in an elegant and original way. Rabbits, chickens and chicks can be painted on the tablecloths. An interesting idea may be the creation of place-mark. For example, a small pot of flowers or an individual vase in front of each square with an eggshell on which will be written the name of each of the guests.

A table decoration with carrots and yellow flowers

original decoration table view carrots yellow flowers

You can also sow wheat grains yourself by getting small pots of herbs, which symbolize the grass. You can put the eggshells with the names below, or put flowers, or candies. For this big party use the ideas below to make your Easter 2015 unforgettable.

An original idea of ​​place-mark of Easter

idea mark place table eat easter

Easter eggs as an original decoration

zoom eggs easter original decoration

DIY place-mark for a beautiful Easter party table

zoom mark place table party easter

Grass for a table decoration

zoom turf decoration table

Flowers and a decorative Easter chicken

zoom flowers chicken eggs decoration easter

Zoom of two eggs and lily of the valley

zoom two lilies eggs

A wreath with eggs and birds


Candles and eggs for an elegant decoration

zoom candles eggs decoration

A decoration with eggs of a pale color

zoom decoration pale color eggs

Three eggs like vases of flowers

view three eggs vases flowers

An original grass pot in yellow

view original yellow grass pot

A front door with an original decoration with spring flowers

view door entry original decoration flowers spring

A blue door and a chic decoration with white tulips

view door blue decoration chic tulips white

A blue door and an original spring decoration with tulips in red

blue door view original decoration spring tulips red

A wooden Easter table decoration with eggs and flowers in yellow

view table decoration easter wood eggs yellow flowers

view decoration table paque 2015 mark place

decoration view chic eggs turf

ribbon door crown view

view of different flowers bouquet eggs decoration

view beautiful simple easter decoration

original proposals decoration easter 2015

Easter 2015 hanging decoration

eggs vases decoration DIY

white eggs small vases decoration

garden decoration eggs tree easter

egg decoration ideas

original idea decoration easter

original idea decoration holiday easter

details tree paque 2015

spring decoration bears living flowers

decoration door entry old umbrella

decoration door wreath fabric

decoration eggs tree branches

elegant decoration white egg flowers

white bunnies easter decoration

crown original decoration

original crown easter 2015

crown decoration easter decoration

eggshell white arrangement floral easter

Easter 2015 floral composition

coloring eggs paque 2015

beautiful decoration paque eggs flowers

beautiful easter tree decoration

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