Easter activities and easter decor easy to make

easter kids activities deco idea

This spring, have fun with your family with our kids activity ideas and Easter decoration ! Stitch different objects and invite the creative spirit to your home! The days that accompany Easter are an opportunity for many of us to decorate our interiors and exteriors with small ornaments that evoke the idea of ​​the arrival of spring and the rebirth of nature.

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The little ones like these decorations that are rich in color and often take the form of their favorite treats or cute animals like rabbits and small chicks.

Children activities and Easter decoration: idea for the party table

activities kids deco table easter

So why not enjoy the party to teach your child how to create a paper garland, an Easter tree decorated with multicolored eggs or even paper animals, cut out and adorned with sequins or different spring colors? If you love the tradition of painting eggs, you can also use papier mache to make eggs of different sizes.

Kids activities and Easter fun deco idea

activities kids decoration easter ideas

Easy to paint, these items are also much more durable, which means you can keep them for longer. In addition, as they are not fragile, they will be a very good solution for the thematic decoration of a nursery or a playroom, rooms where we avoid introducing fragile objects!

Ideas for kids activities and home decor for Easter

DIY easy kids easter tree

Does your daughter or son like to play with play dough? In this case, ask him to make salvage party decorations, such as those used to make Christmas ornaments. Once dried, these ornaments can be painted in spring shades and exposed alone or hung on a paper tree in one of the rooms of your home.

Kids activities for Easter and DIY easy and fun

manual activity deco de paque

For the Easter egg hunt, have your little one wear an original rabbit mask. Made a few days ago, it will be a nice decoration of her room and it will make it think of the party and the fun activities that we associate traditionally. If you need even more creative ideas for Easter activities and decorations to make as a family , you can scroll down this page. You will discover the rest of our images devoted to this subject:

Kids activities for Easter and bedroom decoration for girls or boys by The Activity Mom

activities kids idea easter decor

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children's equestrian project

Fun decoration to make for your home: a beautiful garland

deco easter garland paper brico child

Easter decoration and easy DIY idea for kid

decoupage paper child Easter deco

Easter decoration idea and child manual activity

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Original decorations for Easter and activity for children

deco easter diy garlands party

Simple DIY photo for Easter with balloons

Easter DIY deco simple

Idea of ​​deco for Easter and DIY child: multicolored balloons

idea paque activities manual child

Original DIY for Easter party to do with your children

deco easter balloons activity small child

Easter easter decoration in spring colors

do-it-yourself for kids decoration ideas easter

Kids Activities and DIY Paper for Easter

child deco paper easter

child diy easter beads

DIY idea Easter child activities manual

do-it-yourself paper activity kid easter

do-it-yourself easter idea activity child

activity project diy child kid easter

do-it-yourself decoration child party easter

activities kids deco ideas eggs easter

brico deco easter child

activities kids easter diy house

activities kids map paper diy easter

activities kids easter diy eggs

Easter activities child paper

deco eggs easter diy kids

manual activity paque child decoration

kids idea activity manual deco easter

activity diy games easter

child activity diy paper easter

leisure and creation easter diy

activity deco diy child

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