Easter decoration: 40 ideas for your home

rustic easter decoration view cheap

Easter: a big calendar holiday. It's a Party spring and renewal but also a good opportunity to celebrate with family. Easter is also a religious celebration, it's the resurrection of Christ .

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There are many traditions related to Easter. But to make your party unforgettable, it is necessary to choose your easter decor.

Easter decoration: pastel and chic colors

decorative easter pastel colors

A very beautiful tradition for example is the decoration of eggs. The egg is the symbol of a new life and rebirth. By offering Easter eggs, we celebrate the arrival of spring. Another nice character related to this holiday is the Easter Bunny. She is an imaginary creature, who distributes colored eggs and chocolate eggs.

Two rabbits: Easter decoration

decoration easter view two rabbits easter interior decoration

The rabbit also symbolizes fertility and renewal. It is a beautiful tradition for the greatest pleasure of children. Another symbol are the bells announcing Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can find them in chocolate or as an original decoration for the party. But what's a party without a beautiful decoration ? For your interior, you can create it yourself. Why not reuse your breakfast eggs for example?

Small DIY candles made with eggshells

small candles DIY eggshells

You can make small candles with eggshells. It will be a very beautiful decoration for your table. To invite spring to your home, you can put shrub branches in a vase. You can use the forsythia, the hazel or the tortuous willow. To decorate them, you just have to stick the colored eggs to branches of shrubs, like fruits to symbolize the return of heat.

An original interior decoration and a view of a small Easter tree

interior decoration small tree easter

During Easter, the dining table becomes the element that brings the whole family together. For this reason, it is important to decorate it well. To give a 100% natural side in your decoration, you can install a foam centerpiece. Also put spring flowers, branches, little rabbits, bells ...

A nature decoration in foam

zoom deco nature green moss

Why not create a rustic decoration? This will give warmth to your interior. You can reuse your old watering can for example by filling it with soil and planting tulips. You can also enrich the decoration by adding colored eggs. Another great idea is to decorate a wooden basket.

A door decoration for Easter with a little bunny

decoration door easter rabbit pannier

You can plant your favorite flowers and decorate it with little yellow chicks. For your rustic decoration, you can use wooden trunks. For example, place them on the table. You can put your plates on top, or just leave them as is to bring the beauty of nature.

A table decoration for Easter with wooden trunks

decoration table easter wooden trunks

Another interesting idea is to create place-markers for the paschal meal. Make your imagination work! Create small individual vases with eggshells by writing each guest's name. If you like chic, you can indulge yourself with a shabby chic decor.

DIY markers with eggs

zoom mark squares DIY eggs

Opt for pastel colors. Powder pink color for tablecloths and accessories. White color, for cushions and decorative objects. Eggs are also in this color range. There are living flowers everywhere, the smell of Easter cakes carries the nostalgia of childhood, the sun invites us with its spring heat ...

A beautiful Easter decoration for a shabby chic terrace

decoration terrace shabby chic easter

Whatever your choice of Easter decoration, remember that the joy of making your loved ones and yourself happy is the most important. To decorate your home, take a look at our 40 examples. You can use them as inspiration to create an original and aesthetic decoration. Have fun ! Happy Birthday.

A table decoration for Easter

zoom deco table easter

A table decoration for Easter

zoom decoration table easter

An original decoration with a sculpture of a chicken

zoom original decoration sculpture chicken

Easter decoration with foam and flowers

zoom deco easter green moss flowers

DIY decoration for Easter

zoom deco DIY easter

A wooden flower pot as Easter decoration

view pot flower wood decoration easter

A decoration in blue

blue easter decoration view

An original decoration in the shape of a square

original decoration square shape

A stone fireplace decorated for Easter

view chimney stones deco easter

A beautiful decoration with spring flowers and eggs

view beautiful decoration flowers spring eggs

An Easter tree as an original decoration

view atbre easter interior decoration

table decoration rustic style easter

rustic style DIY deco easter

Easter party rustic decoration rabbits

deco table green moss egg drills snow

simple decoration elegant easter

beautiful decoration shells eggs vase flowers

Easter rabbits decoration

decoration chic vases eggs

deco easter white tulips rabbit

Easter deco hanging eggs

deco easter DIY shells eggs butterflies

deco easter color violet

pale colors decoration chic easter

color yellow flowers deco easter

branches tree decoration easter

beautiful nature decoration table

beautiful Easter eggs decoration

beautiful wreath easter cocilles eggs

beautiful crown deco easter potre exterieure

beautiful branches tree decoration eggs easter

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