Easter table decoration with eggs, flowers and little rabbits

deco-rabbit-Easter table

Easter will soon be here, what are we doing to welcome him? We decorate our house with pretty flowers, cute little rabbits and, of course, without forgetting: Easter eggs!

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We already have several ideas on how to decorate your spring table. Today we are interested in new inspiring ideas for the Easter table decoration ! Discover this great record of more than 50 examples and inspire yourself for the interior and exterior decoration of your home.

Original Easter table decoration with carrot and candy tablecloth

carrot tablecloth easter table original

As soon as Easter comes, we almost always decorate our interiors with eggs and rabbits. Have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from? Is it because rabbits are cute and eggs are delicious? Well done, but the answer is to look elsewhere. At its origin, the Easter Bunny is an imaginary creature. A German legend tells that a woman, being poor, could not offer sweets to her children. For this reason, she decides to improvise and decorate the chicken eggs and hide them in the garden to surprise her children. When the children went to the eggshell, they saw a rabbit and thought it was he who had laid the eggs. The rabbit is also associated with fertility because it is one of the animals that breed very fast.

Modern Easter table decoration


For its part, the egg symbolizes the renewal of nature and germination. Coming from Christian culture, the egg is always specially decorated for Easter. Traditionally, it was a colored hard boiled chicken egg, as is still the case in Orthodox countries. Today, in many countries, it is often a chocolate egg. In France, as in Belgium, it is a traditional gift that is offered on the morning of Easter Sunday. In Switzerland, in certain regions in Germany, England and the United States, the symbol of Easter is a hare. It is he who assumes the mission of Easter eggs.

Bunny blue towel


Nowadays, many people celebrate religious holidays as family celebrations, as a time of periodic reunion. The most important in the decoration is to create a festive, welcoming and warm atmosphere. Lièvre or rabbit, everything depends on you! Why not revive the old tradition of the German hare-distributor and this year to make the rabbit go on vacation? Finally, you can experiment and be truly original in your decorating choices. Ideas are very varied, often at do it yourself . Let's discover them:
Boxes with cute little chicks

decoration for easter idea small birds hanging

Eggs and flowers

easter table deco idea center table flowers eggs

Decoration idea - centerpiece

decoration easter nest birds eggs idea centerpiece deco

Centerpiece decorated with flowers

decoration easter flowers center table idea spring

Rabbit, hen, egg

decoration easter table egg rabbit hen

Chocolate rabbits

chocolate bunny idea decoration table center flowers eggs

easter decor table eggs idea wall

deco table easter plate egg nest of bird diy crown

easter decoration center table idea eggs

easter decoration table idea basket eggs

decoration table easter idea rabbit plate center table deco

easter decor table idea flowers centerpiece ideas

decoration easter easter egg eggshell centerpiece

decoration table flowers idea tulips original

decoration table eggs flowers centerpiece idea easter


decoration table easter idea flowers spring eggs

table decoration idea flowers candle eggs

deco table easter eggs flowers center table idea

decoration easter table diy idea eggs vases

easter table decoration rabbit idea flowers

decoration easter flowers center candle table

decoration table tulips idea flowers spring easter

deco table spring easter tulips center table deco idea tablecloth

easter table decoration center table flowers idea bouquet eggs

deco table center eggs idea flowers candles

deco table spring easter rabbit idea

egg idea coloring original deco

deco center table flowers easter candy deco idea

deco easter bunny flowers idea center table tablecloth

easter tree idea decoration center table eggs suspension

deco table easter idea candles rabbits center table foam flowers plates

easter table decoration eggs coloring idea

easter decoration diy idea original bouquet of roses modern design

decoration spring rabbit garland paper ideas eggs

decoration plate easter table eggs yellow flowers

center table decoration eggs idea basket wood

decoration for easter table eggs original idea

decoration table spring flowers eggs idea mousse deco

decoration table eggs idea center table decorated

center table easter idea decoration for easter

decoration table easter flowers bouquets eggs

decoration spring flowers center table eggs ideas

easter decor table spring eggs

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