Easter table decoration with flowers in 48 inspiring ideas

table decoration Easter ideas flowers

Spring is no longer very far away and, with today's article, we propose to decorate your Easter table with fresh spring flowers.

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The Easter table decoration with flowers is an easy, colorful and happy way to create an elegant and interesting decor. Yes, because it is very easy to find beautiful daffodils, lilies or tulips among florists at this time of year and use them in their decor. Spring flowers vary in color, shape and size, leaving plenty of room to create a beautiful and modern table. For a contemporary look, go for flowers in one color or mix different types of flowers for a more festive and fun decor.

Easter table decoration with flowers

DIY Easter table decoration

After deciding what accessories you will use for the Easter table decoration such as tablecloths, placemats, plates and glasses, you'll know how much room you have left for the centerpiece. Preparing yourself in advance will not only allow you to choose the centerpiece but also to see if you are missing a major accessory or plate, for example, that you can not replace at the last minute.

Colorful decoration of Easter table

Easter flowers table decoration

If you're in the habit of making centerpieces in one piece, then it's time to become a little more creative. How about making several small arrangements at the center of the table this time? If you have enough space for a large floral centerpiece you can order it from the florist or do it yourself if you feel inspired.

Creative deco idea of ​​the Easter table

Easter design table decoration

No ideas? Fill a round and shallow decorative basket with small fresh flower pots, wrap the pots with decorative paper and decorate them with ribbons to create an interesting centerpiece. Another idea is to find several small jars of jam, fill them with water and arrange small bouquets of flowers in them. Then put them everywhere on the Easter table or on the guests' plates.

Easter table decorated in blue and purple

easter center table decoration

The decoration with flowers and candles is also very beautiful and elegant. The simplest idea is to place a single candle in the middle of several bunches of flowers in the center of the table. Opt for a scented candle whose scent will blend with the smell of flowers around. What you can also do is fill a clear glass decorative bowl with water and float flowers and candles in for even more sophisticated decor.

Nice idea of ​​decoration for the Easter table

beautiful Easter table decoration

The floral arrangements are very beautiful and elegant, but a single beautiful flower placed carefully in the center of the table can also become a remarkable decoration. Opt for a large flower whose color complements the decoration of the table. Placing a flower on the napkin next to each plate is also a good idea but do not do it earlier than an hour before the meal to preserve the freshness of the flowers. Have fun with the decor of your table and remember that the center should not be too big and tall, or too small. Simplicity is always a good choice.

Easter table decorated with tulips

green yellow Easter table decoration

Easter centerpiece with flowers

table decoration Easter bouquet flowers

Easter centerpiece with eggs and flowers

easter center table decoration

Basket of flowers placed in the center of the table Easter

centerpiece Easter Ideas

center table easter idea

table decoration easter arrangement

Easter candy flowers table decoration

table decoration Easter center table

table decoration Easter figurines flowers

table decoration Easter flowers idea

table decoration Easter idea

table decoration easter interesting idea

table decoration Easter original idea

interesting Easter table decoration

modern Easter table decoration

Easter narcissus table decoration

original Easter table decoration

Easter table decoration original idea

pink Easter table decoration

Easter rustic table decoration

Easter decoration table idea

decoration table Easter flowers

deco table easter arrangement

deco pink blue easter table

deco table easter floral center

deco table easter flowers fresh

deco table easter idea

deco table easter original idea

deco table easter ideas

deco original easter table

rich Easter table deco

deco simple easter table

deco table Easter tulips

deco table easter tulips idea

table Paques idee deco

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