Easter table in 35 ideas: how to decorate it?

easter table idea decorating eggs flowers

All, we look forward to spring, beautiful days and Easter. This family celebration is a time of the year when everyone gets together around a Easter table beautifully decorated to enjoy a delicious meal and share warm moments.

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If you are looking for an original and inexpensive decoration for your table we invite you to discover our file of 35 classic and modern decoration ideas that you can create yourself with your children or your friends.

Easter table decorated in an original way with flowers

easter table vase deco table flowers tablecloth vase eggs diy

The holidays are those times of the year when we receive gifts and guests, we decorate our house and we eat festive dishes that are expected throughout the year. Who does not like to end up with lots of chocolate eggs? To make your party unforgettable and even more cozy, we propose to carry out with your friends or your children, one of these many natural table decoration ideas and spring. Make your own decoration it is a trend for many reasons: we recycle, we create a personalized and very original decoration that we can not find elsewhere and all this at a small price. For a modern decor and minimalist you only need very few materials.

Easter table decoration idea in modern style

deco table eggs idea small vase original trend

When we think of Easter, we always associate it with colored eggs and little white rabbits. Traditions settle permanently in the collective consciousness and we rarely ask ourselves about their origin. In reality, the Easter Bunny is an imaginary creature. According to tradition, he is the one who distributes Easter eggs to children: colored or chocolate. In some German-speaking cultures, it is the hare that takes care of this mission. The Easter Bunny can be white or brown, sometimes even blue. Like spring, the rabbit symbolizes the renewal of nature. The egg, too, symbolizes the renewal of nature. It is the symbol of germination, while the rabbit represents fertility.

Floral compositions

easter table composition floral idea eggs deco table for easter

The Easter Bunny originates from a German legend. A poor woman who could not offer the traditional cakes of the time to her children, decides to make them a surprise by decorating her eggs and hiding them in her garden. When the children begin the egg hunt, they see a rabbit and start to believe that he is the one who laid the eggs.

Original candlesticks made of eggshells

table decoration for easter idea candleholder egg candles

Table decoration with flowers and vintage candle holder

easter deco table object vintage flowers bouquet vase

Fresh decoration with spring flowers

deco colors spring table easter idea flowers vases

Tulips: another symbol of spring

easter table decorations flowers tulips idea eggs

Flowers, candles and eggs

Easter table-deco-idea-flowers

Be inventive with your festive meal

easter table deco idea carrots cupcake

Two decorating ideas, Around My Table

easter table candle idea napkins

Beautiful bouquet of flowers in a glass vase

center table bouquet flowers vase idea easter deco

Spring flowers and table decoration in blue and purple

easter table deco purple blue eggs tendencies

Small carrots

deco table easter idea carrots plate

Centerpiece in rustic style

easter table deco center eggs nest wood pot

easter table easter vase bunny bouquet flowers

easter table deco eggs idea original center easter

easter table deco rabbit porcelain plate carrot flowers bouquet

easter deco table flowers idea eggs trend

flowers easter table deco bouquet idea original centerpiece

easter table flowers idea eggs

easter decor minimalist vase idea table

center table minimalist easter idea eggs

decoration easter table flowers idea small figurines rabbit

deco easter center flowers cheap succulent plant

easter decoration diy rabbit paper cardboard modern design

Easter eggs deco center table simple ideas

easter deco blue eggs nest idea trendy rustic wood table

easter table decoration idea vase glass plate porcelain glass

easter deco candles green moss rabbit porcelain

idea egg deco center table easter bouquet flowers

easter table decoration figurine bird trend eggs

deco table center idea egg white flowers trend

easter decor table idea flowers bouquet eggs

table decoration flowers eggs towel trend idea

deco table flowers vase bouquet branch blooming tree

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