Easy design wall decoration: ideas for tenants


If you rent an apartment or house and dream of a Wall decoration design , do not despair! There are a multitude of ways to customize your walls without making big permanent changes.

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The ideas of d wall decoration design , that we will share with you in this article, are easy to make and will not leave any trace on the walls when you move. Come on, it's time to dare change without any fear!

Wall decoration design with stickers

wall decoration design living room

One of the most popular DIY material is the washi tape. It is colorful, easy to work with and even easier to remove. You can very well use this band to create beautiful figures on your walls like, for example, geometric figures or why not, make a striped wall in the living room, the bedroom or the child's room. Look at the photos below and you will certainly find at least one idea that you will be able to make by yourself.

Wall decoration idea easy to make

wall decoration interesting design

Wall stickers are another very original possibility to make a wall decoration design. All you need to achieve this type of decor is to choose a pattern that you like and go to a store to buy your stickers. You can also find great colorful stickers that you can use to create a beautiful and original accent wall in the living room or bedroom. Temporary wallpaper is another great idea for your DIY at home. Here are some interesting ideas that can serve as inspiration:

Original wall decoration idea of ​​the entrance

original design wall decoration

Modern wall decoration for the bedroom

wall decoration design washi tape room

Idea how to decorate a modern wall

wall decoration design band washi

Wall decoration living room in black and white

decoration muarle design black white

Decorative Wall Room Idea

children's room deco washi tape

Contemporary wall decoration with sticker wallpaper

deco mural modern wallpaper sticker

Floral wallpaper for the decoration of the walls

wall deco wallpaper floral sticker

wall decoration room baby stickers

wall decoration kitchen decals

wall decoration design washi tape

wall decoration design child room

wall decoration design wallpaper sticker

wall decoration design temporary wallpaper

wall decoration design living room wallpaper

modern wall decoration wallpaper

wall decoration bathroom stickers

decorate a wall idea wallpaper

idea wall deco modern wallpaper sticker

wall stickers deco idea

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