Eclectic apartment with vintage and modern design

Eclectic apartment mixing unique style Minsk Belarus

An eclectic apartment - what does that mean? This means that the interior design of this residence has several styles, it is a mix, in our case, modernism with industrial vision and vintage that is visible especially in the choice of furniture.

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It is difficult to describe this architectural masterpiece of the studio INT2 and it is absolutely impossible to characterize its interior design by a simple style.

This eclectic apartment is located in Minsk, Belorussia

interior apartment in Minsk Belarus eclectic design

This eclectic apartment, relatively small (only 69m²) also has a very specific architectural design. You have almost no separate rooms, the plan is open, there are no partitions and all rooms are connected. This creates a hope of depth that does not exist in reality because the area is still quite small. And despite the small figure in front of the square meters, the apartment even has its own nice terrace .

The small terrace with wood floor to ceiling

small terrace wood table breakfast floor to ceiling

You will see a lot of pretty retro furniture as the sofa in the living room, but the kitchen on the other side stands out with its trendy and contemporary look. In the bedroom , the mix is ​​even stronger with a DIY headboard made from an old door and impressive works of art but rather modernist and even a little macho. You can judge for yourself if the result of this mixture is good!

Small work area simply decorated

Small work space simply decorated gray desk

A good idea to save space

good ideas for saving bait terrace space

The bedroom full of different styles

bedroom different styles modern and industrial

The open kitchen with various storage

open kitchen space bar chairs various storage

Dining table with chairs of totally different styles

eclectic open space Dining table chair totally different

Good overview of the open plan of the apartment

overview open plan apartments modern kitchen

The shelves are minimalist but there is enough room for everything

minimalist shelves there is enough room for any kitchen

The small bathroom area with laundry

small space bathroom laundry white and black contrasted

black contemporary white for artistic toilet

Bedroom not less artistic gray drawing

Almost a real graffiti boards contemporary art room

Vintage furniture industrial style contemporary luminaries combination

architecture floor plan explains the layout of the apartment

Eclectic finds beautiful mix interior design styles

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