Eclectic loft style deco by Silvio Stefani

deco loft interior design industrial

In this publication, which is part of our series of private tours, we invite you to explore the interior design of an apartment by Silvio Stefani.

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The housing, which is located in the Italian city of Milan, was renovated in 2013, the goal of its makeover having been to give the interior a contemporary and eclectic.

Loft eclectic style deco: view of the kitchen

deco kitchen loft modern design

The renovation work completed, we see that the interior of this Milan accommodation combines, in a successful manner, several styles. It is influenced in particular by the industrial design, the modern decor and the Scandinavian style. The color palette that dominates the loft is that of the shades of gray and black. It stands out not only on the surfaces of the furniture but also on the surfaces: the polished concrete floor and the dark ceiling with exposed beams.

Deco loft with dark color of industrial and Scandinavian inspiration

modern kitchen loft decor

The loft kitchen is organized around a central island which can act as a work plan for preparing meals or bar. To soften the background of the two coatings in this area of ​​the home and to introduce a brighter touch, the team members Silvio Stefani have relied on some Scandinavian-inspired furniture and accessories. Strategically placed in the darkest part of the kitchen, a large Nordic-style furniture illuminates this corner and counterbalances the dark shades. A chic dining area, dominated by metal suspensions, completes the meal preparation area.

Example of loft decor: dining area with modern suspensions

deco loft amenagement industrial dining area

On the other side of the interior space are the areas reserved for the private use of the owners of the loft . They are delimited by a black partition wall with classic decorative motifs reminiscent of the rich decoration of Italian houses from the Renaissance to the modern era. These private areas of the loft include a small lounge organized around a leather sofa (a classic of industrial design), an open bookcase and a workspace with a large wooden art desk.

Italian loft deco with separation wall of space

deco idea loft interior industrial style

And, as we are in an Italian house, this eclectic, perfectly balanced ensemble can not do without some classic accessories and, in particular, kitchen tools, plants and fresh herbs. Their bright colors bring dynamism to this beautiful living space. All photos of this Milan accommodation are available in the gallery below:

Modern accessories and furniture for loft design

italian design deco studio loft modern

Industrial style loft deco idea with fresh touches brought by green plants

furniture loft design ideas deco studio

Loft deco with Nordic design furniture

furniture kitchen design idea amenagement loft

Interior design of Italian loft: view of the kitchen

deco loft modern architecture interior design

Modern loft decoration and design kitchen layout

deco loft kitchen interior design

Loft design kitchen: interior decorating idea

deco loft interior kitchen modern design

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