Electric barbecue on the balcony? Why not !

zoom modern electric barbecue

The beautiful days are coming. After a long winter, we all want to go out, have fun, have picnics or go for a walk in the nature. We can not wait to transform our gardens , terraces and balconies in an ideal place of relaxation.

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Moreover, with the good weather, we start to release our barbecues . If you want to make one on your balcony, but you do not want to disturb your neighbors with the smell and if at the same time you want to enjoy the joys of the barbecue , opt for a electric barbecue .

A small round electric barbecue

small round electric barbecue

There are of course other types of barbecues: charcoal, wood, gas or solar . It should be noted that the heating mode of the barbecue will affect the taste and the preparation time. The charcoal barbecue for example, does not cost much, you can choose between different sizes, colors and shapes.

Modern design for this original color barbecue

modern barbecue design

In addition, this type of barbecue does not require a difficult interview. The gas grill is more expensive, but you can use it immediately after ignition. This type of barbecue works with propane or butane.

The gas barbecue is powered by propane or butane


If you like the warm atmosphere and the authentic characteristic taste, we propose you the barbecue with the wood. It is important to know that for the wood barbecue you will need a large garden. In addition, the ignition time is long.

A small round barbecue with wood

small round wood barbecue

It takes at least half an hour. We can say that the solar barbecue can become the barbecue of tomorrow. This type of barbecue is ecological and economical. It is suitable for grilling and other types of cooking.

A modern solar barbecue

modern solar barbecue

It should be noted that the solar barbecue requires intense sunshine, for this reason it depends on the weather. You must know that this type of barbecue is big enough. You will need some space to install it.

An electric barbecue

small electric barbecue

Now, let's take a look at the electric barbecue. This type of barbecue is very convenient because you can use it both outdoors and indoors. There are different types of electric barbecues. A portable barbecue on feet is ideal for outdoor use.

A small portable barbecue

small portable barbecue

This is the simplest model. Mounted normally on four or three feet, it can be foldable. The other type of electric barbecue is the table barbecue. This is the ideal barbecue if you do not have a garden.

A small table barbecue

zoom small barbecue table

This is the most common barbecue that can be installed in the center of your dining table. Thanks to its small size, the table barbecue is practical and easy to transport. A big advantage is that you can use it all year round.

This barbecue can be installed in the center of your dining table

barbecue design integrated table balcony

It is easy to use and heats quickly. The downside of the table barbecue is that you can not cook like with a conventional barbecue. The electric barbecue is practical because its small size will allow you to store it in your kitchen cupboard, you do not need a garage or a special place. It should be noted that cooking takes longer.

A small barbecue with charcoal on the balcony

small barbecue coals wood balcony

To prevent food from catching or burning, wait for the barbecue to warm up sufficiently. Remember that this type of barbecue has many advantages, but unfortunately, you will not find the taste of barbecue over a wood fire.

A round barbecue with wheels

zoom round barbecue castors

The cleaning is not so easy because of the residues hanging on the grid. The good news is that the electric barbecue is the champion of low prices. It's up to you to choose yours. To help you selected some pictures of modern barbecues.

A barcecue table in white with an original design

barbecue white table original design

An original form of a terrace barbecue

original shape barbecue terrace

A balcony and a small charcoal barbecue

zoom balcony small barbecue coals

A nice little round barbecue

nice little barbecue round balcony

A balcony and a modern and practical barbecue

convenient modern barbeque balcony

A chic and original barbecue

original chic barbecue

View of a swimming pool with a design barbecue

pool view barbecue design

A small table barbecue on a balcony

small barbecue table balcony

A portable charcoal barbecue on a balcony

portable barbecue charcoal view balcony

large terrace view barbecue black

balcony chic big barbecue

original design barbecue terrace

practical barbecue balcony

large modern barbecue balcony

original barbecue design

view balcony barbecue wood

Electric barbecue black white balcony

round barbecue zoom

night view barbecue terrace

modern barbecue wheels

zoom gas barbecue design

zoom barbecue balcony

original barbecue balcony

black design barbecue

Electric barbecue in black

zoom electric barbecue feet

zoom modern design barbecue

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