Electric Surfboard by Aquila Boards

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The Spanish company Aquila Boards invites you to discover a new way of surfing thanks to its range of models of surfboard electric. Based in the region of the Basque Country, Aquila Boards takes advantage of the industrial and technological development in this part of Spain and a long tradition in the field of water sports to realize a project of surfboard electric.

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The models of this type of board allow surf enthusiasts to play sports even in the absence of waves. The product operates through a propulsion system and exists in 3 variants for different types of customers: Manta, Carver and Blade. We provide a small presentation in the text below.

Electric and modern surf board by the Spanish brand Aquila Board

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The surf Manta (length: 230 cm, width: 98 cm, weight: 26 kg) has a remarkable hydrodynamics, adapted to low speeds. This makes it an ideal model for those who have just started to practice water sports. With a larger surface of the board, Manta will also be suitable for crossings of rivers and lakes as well as explorers of new spaces.

Surf board powered by electricity: 3 models adapted to the needs of different users

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The Carver board (length: 245 cm, width: 68 cm, weight: 22 kg) is designed as a model for mid-level enthusiasts and for those who like to float on waves at high speeds. Thanks to its technology, it allows you to play sports at any time and it makes you completely independent of the weather conditions outside.

Surf board of a new generation by Aquila Board

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The Blade Surf (length: 185 cm, width: 60 cm, weight: 18 kg) is especially for those who love extreme sports and Freestyle. It is recognized by its sporty design, perfectly balanced weight and compact size that allows for spectacular maneuvers. All three boards of the brand are light and fast, easy to use and respectful of the environment. Which one do you prefer ?

Modern Surfboards: Manta, Curver and Blade by Aquila Board

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Surfing even in the absence of waves, it's possible!

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Modern surfs adapted to your sporting level

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Surfboards to explore unknown spaces

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Electric and hydordynamic surfing with electricity

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Surf board with electricity for water sports enthusiasts

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Photo of modern style electric surfboard

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Surf and Water Sport Accessory by Aquila Board

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Surfboard of the Spanish brand Aquila Boards

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New surfboard models

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