Elegant aquarium decor for your fish to be happy

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Do you have an aquarium at home? If you want to have a aquarium decor original, unique and personalized, while creating a universe in its own right, the aquarium decor is essential.

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There are many decorative objects: figurines, pumps, tapestries, false plants and others. You can choose from a wide range of accessories to create a unique decoration. To help you with your research and give you ideas on where to start, here are 51 visual examples of how to decorate your aquarium and tips on how to integrate it. By choosing an appropriate decoration, you will certainly make your little fish very happy!

Aquarium decor with plants and corals

aquarium decor lighting idea accessories

You can opt for a multiple aquarium decoration, refined and minimalist or more elaborate. Generally, in specialty stores, there are six types of decoration available: gravel, aquarium tapestry, stones, figurines, fish sheds and plants (fake or true).

Aquarium decor with corals and plants of different colors

aquarium decor plant figurines colorful idea stones

Gravel is the main element in the decoration of aquarium . It exists in several shades. You can opt for the one in white, black or colored. This choice is important because then you will have to give the rest of the decor with the chosen gravel color.

Rectangular aquarium

deco aquarium lighting idea fish

What is the shape of your aquarium? If your aquarium is cube-shaped or rectangular, one of its faces is certainly hidden. So that it is not bland and to make it more attractive, it is possible to line it with paper printed with marine or other motifs. The marine motifs are a real classic, but for a more original decor, dare another motif that fits your tastes. Also think of making a wall of foam. There are different types of moss. For more information, consult your dealer or an aquarium specialist.

Aquarium decorated with plants, stones and moss

decoration for aquarium original plant coral stones deco background aquarium

What is an aquarium without stones? In commerce, we find several types and colors of rocks. To create a more natural decor, our advice is to opt for gray or brown stones. For a funny decor, there are also colored stones that you can, for example, match with the dress of your fish. You can also make entanglements of caves and stones.

Decoration with roots and plants

aquarium lighting deco plant stone background

Concerning the figures it is advisable to opt for small horizontal and stable figures. The more stable they are, the better. Avoid vertical figures as they can be dangerous and fall on your fish. The choice of figurines is also very, very wide ...

Small aquarium

aquarium cube idea deco coral plant figurines

The fish shed is a decoration both aesthetic and practical. It will offer your fish a rest area. It is better to opt for a small shelter so as not to invade the space.

Decoration with colorful stones

decoration aquarium stone corals figurines

Plants are part of the decorative elements required for each aquarium. If you want to add a look to your decoration, add false plants too. It is of course much better to install real plants, but for that you must make this decision during the installation of your aquarium. We must choose between an aquarium planted or not. A planted aquarium simply means an aquarium with real live plants. These plants require special care.

Nice aquarium decorated with roots, plants and stones

decoration stone aquarium root wood plant idea background

Aquarium of impressive size

deco aquarium idea fish stones plant coral deco

Decoration with big stones

decoration for aquarium idea stone root

Aquarium well decorated and lit

deco aquarium idea fish plant coral stone background

aquarium big design stone background plants root corals

aquarium decor idea root plant background stones

decoration for aquarium plant moss background

decor aquarium stone accessory fish ideas

aquarium decoration accessory idea

large aquarium built into the wall

deco aquarium plant stone accessory cheap fish

decor aquarium blue idea plant stone interior living room

decor aquarium coral plant stone ideas

deco aquarium plant stone accessory background aquarium deco

decoration aquarium plant stone background idea accessories

deco aquarium stone accessories plants

decoration aquarium root stone aquarium background plant fish

decor aquarium plant stone aquarium background root fish

deco aquarium coral plant stone background

decoration for aquarium coral stone background aquarium deco

fish aquarium idea stone coral vegetable root

decoration for aquarium with root plant background idea accessories lighting

decoration aquarium foam stone fish plant

decoration aquarium plant coral lighting aquarium background stone

deco aquarium green plant fish idea background stones

background aquarium deco idea plant

deco aquarium stone fish idea plant

corals aquarium deco idea stones

shape aquarium original idea coral deco plant stones

decoration aquarium big idea corals figurine plant stones

deco aquarium plant coral moss

aquarium deco bonsai tree idea stone aquarium background decorated

aquarium small idea deco root stones wooden table

deco aquarium root plant coral fish ideas

deco aquarium root idea stones

aquarium decor idea coral stones accessories plants

aquarium bedroom interior lighting idea fitting out

aquarium deco idea plant stone accessory lighting

aquarium decoration fish idea lighting plant stone

decoration aquarium stone coral plant idea

aquarium deco lighting interior flowers bouquet

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