Entrance furniture: storage and decoration ideas

furniture entrance design idea wood landscaping

When it comes to the layout of the entrance to our apartment or house, we tend to neglect it. In reality, the Entrance can have a real function.

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Optimizing this space in the best possible way will make your home different. Hats, hats, shoes, accessories ... how to store all these essentials without installing a bulky piece of furniture? We invite you to discover our gallery of 24 examples - ideas for planning and furniture entrance. Find inspiration to organize and decorate your space.

Furniture entrance: black wood bench

furniture entrance design idea lighting fixture suspension modern parquet wood bench lamp

Small or large, narrow or spacious, the entrance plays on the style of all the decoration of your living space. For this reason, its layout is of great importance for the predominant atmosphere of your interior. Usually one tends to forget it or neglect it and one favors the arrangement of the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom and the toilets. Yet this is the first space we discover in every home. Having furniture that is not bulky and that allows both to store his shoes and accessories is important.

Wooden bench with cushions

furniture entrance idea wooden bench design cushions storage

One of the first things to install in an entrance is the cloakroom. If you live alone - no need for a large locker room, but if you live in more than one, think of a cloakroom long enough. If you like hats and hats, it will also reflect on their storage. Then comes the installation of a mirror. It's nice to be able to take a look at his outfit before going out, is not it? We advise you to follow the advice of Feng Shui so that your mirror is placed in a way that will ensure the harmony of the atmosphere.

Elegant entrance hall, in wood, with drawer and mirror

furniture entrance wood mirror design idea layout drawer cloakroom

Idea of ​​entrance furniture for large spaces

furniture wood entrance design locker cheap wardrobe floor mats

Entrance furnished in a minimalist and modern style

furniture entrance wood design idea decor wall frame flowers stool

Bench and wooden shelves

furniture entrance design wood idea storage shelves

White wood bench with drawers

idea furniture entrance design wood drawer shelves wall deco

Open space furnished with wooden furniture and decorated with plants

entrance furniture wooden design armchair plant wall

Entrance decoration idea with frames

entrance furniture deco wall composition floor mats

Armchair and small table

wooden entrance furniture chair stool coffee table

furniture entrance chair plastic mirror frame stool

furniture entrance wood fixture tile lamp

furniture entrance mirror wall drawers wooden mirror

furniture floor rug mirror idea modern furniture lamp

furniture layout idea

furniture entrance wood design cloakroom shelf

large mirror entrance bench wooden floor mat plant

entrance photography frame wooden furniture design flowers

black chair wood furniture entrance wallpaper

entrance furniture white wood chair idea wall

hallway arrangement idea deco furniture wooden frame

idea entry furniture furniture wood deco wall

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