Ephemeral tattoo: models, tips and 30 inspiring ideas in photos

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Want a tattoo? The ephemeral tattoo is a good decision for those who are not sure they want to have a permanent tattoo. There are several temporary tattoo techniques as well as many interesting and original designs.

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Zoom on some of our favorite ephemeral tattoo models.

tattoo temporary tattoo ephemeral man neck idea

If you want to make a tattoo, it is sure that it was not decided the next day. Tattoos have a cultural history rich in meanings and interpretations. The tattoo we know today is indeed the result of a mixture of cultures and stories. Nowadays, tattooing is simply seen as a visual expression. It is not unusual to see a person who has his whole body tattooed or a person with a small discreet and elegant tattoo. Tattooing is more than a fashion. It must have meaning for you. We do not get tattooed by chance, especially if it is a permanent tattoo.

tattoo temporary tattoo ephemeral photo palm idea

tattoo temporary tattoo ephemeral idea forearm

Ephemeral tattoo: art in the skin

You have finally decided on a first tattoo, but you are not 100% sure? To learn step by step in the art of skin, tattoo studios offer the opportunity to opt for a temporary tattoo before the permanent tattoo. There are even ephemeral tattoo options that you can make yourself at home like InkBox. In the following lines, we will present you a list of the different ephemeral tattoos that exist as well as their lifespan. The latter also depends on the type of your skin. The duration varies from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the technique chosen.

temporary tattoo temporary ephemeral diamond tattoo

There is no ephemeral tattoo technique that can last more than six months. The top layer of the skin regenerates regularly and "erases" your temporary tattoo. One of the great benefits of temporary tattoos is that they can mostly be made at home. So you do not have to go to a tattoo studio.

Ephemeral Airbrush Tattoo and Stencils

Less known, but long existing airbrush tattoo is another variant of ephemeral tattoos. To apply the paint to the skin, alcohol is used. If you have very sensitive skin, this may not be the best decision for you. To have. The airbrush tattoo can easily be removed with a product based on alcohol, sun oil or body oil. The lifespan of this type of tattoo is about five days.

tattoo ephemeral idea tattoo moon original model

tattoo back tattoo temporary tattoo ephemeral

The henna ephemeral tattoo

This type of tattoo is indeed one of the most common temporary tattoo models. Henna is natural and suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive. Its lifespan is about four weeks - enough time to decide whether you will be tattooed permanently or not. Henna is a paste made from vegetable pigments. All the same, to be sure that your skin accepts it without any problem, take a test by applying a small amount of henna on your skin and wait 24 hours. If your skin has not blushed, it's great, you can go!

ephemeral moon idea tattoo

INKBOX *: a revolutionary tattoo technique that lasts two weeks

INKBOX is the first tattoo, made from natural fruit ingredients, which lasts a little over two weeks. It is also the type of temporary tattoo that one prefers because it is accessible, beautiful and easy to apply on the skin. You will find a very large variety of models on their site. Simply order them and you will receive a small package with the chosen tattoo designs and instructions on how to apply and care for them. INKBOX was founded in 2015 by the two brothers, Branden and Tyler.

ephemeral tattoo idea drawing model sun moon

The semi-permanent tattoo with ink

What is the difference between permanent tattoo and semi-permanent ink tattoo? The difference is that the permanent tattoo lasts a lifetime or so while the semi-permanent tattoo has a lifespan of about seven years. This is due to the fact that the ink is lighter and less strong. Also, the depth to which the needle injects the ink is less deep. The semi-permanent tattoo thus fades as time goes by. However, one month after the completion of the semi-permanent tattoo, after healing and renewal of the skin, it is often necessary to make a small retouch.

The tattoo finger is discreet and very trendy lately.

tattoo ephemeral idea small tattoo finger idea

Tattoo with tattoo pen

Very popular in recent times, the tattoo pen is a well-known technique that allows you to quickly and painlessly enjoy a beautiful tattoo. Much of this tattoo technique is used in movies and video productions, for example. Style tattooing is often used to create intricate and detailed designs. Its shelf life is 2 to 5 days. You will find beautiful models online that you can order and make at home.

tattoo lavender ephemeral idea foot tattoo model

Which tattoo model to choose?

We personally are big fans of small and discreet tattoos. But as it is often said: to each his tastes. We can tell you about the latest trends and tattoo designs right now, but indeed the best tattoo model choice is simply the one you like and that makes sense to you. You will find many tattoo ideas in photos on our site, all inspiring and interesting. Another way to design your unique tattoo designs is to draw it yourself. For this, you do not need to be very strong in drawing, just have an idea and draw it.

tattoo-ephemeral-idee Photo

Some ideas of small stylish tattoos.


A sheep tattoo, does that mean? How cute !


Sophisticated tattoo consisting of roses and triangle

tattoo-pink-triangle Photo




Human-arm tattoo-ephemeral-idee

Sweet flower


Little bird

bird tattoo-temporary Photo

Bird version 3D


A little heart for romantic souls ...


... or a small house for those who like to be at home.

tattoo-arm temporary tattoo-

tattoo underarm





Pink tattoo : one of girls' favorite tattoos


Girlfriend tattoo idea

tattoo-ephemeral idea-star-torque

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