False ceiling design: travel in 16 international restaurants

fake ceiling design wood idea restaurant modern interior villa of bear restaurant bangkok

A false ceiling design can totally change the look of a room. It does not matter if it is a living space or a public space such as restaurant, theater, library and others.

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Discover this exceptional selection of 16 international restaurants, furnished with false ceilings very original and design. We can even say that often the false ceiling becomes the focal point of the interior.

False design ceiling, Villa de Bear, restaurant in Bangkok

fake ceiling design modern interior contemporary contemporary wood idea restaurant modern interior villa of bear restaurant bangkok

Bear's Villa is a restaurant designed by the studio party / space / design and can be visited in Bangkok. The main concept of its design is to recreate the interior of a teddy bear factory. The result is a fitted interior with huge buttons, large spoons and lots of teddy bears. The false ceilings of the two rooms are impressive.

False design ceiling, Rice Home restaurant in Guangzhou China

restaurant design modern idea interior false ceiling design table wood

The rice house ( The Rice Home in English) is a restaurant located in Guangzhou, China. His inside is simple and dynamic at the same time. It was designed by the studio AS design based in Hong Kong. The false ceiling is very geometric, consisting of hexagons. It is reminiscent of a honeycomb.

False design ceiling, underwater restaurant Subsix in Maldives

contemporary interior false ceiling design modern idea restaurant maldives subsix designer poole associates

The restaurant under the water Subsix is located in the Maldives. Its atmosphere is irresistible and sophisticated. Subsix opened in 2012. At first, it was a nightclub, but recently it was turned into a restaurant. The studio Poole Associates was in charge of the realization of the project.

Green design ceiling lamp, The Segev Kitchen Garden restaurant in Israel

false ceiling design interior modern modern vegetation deco the green hod hasharon israel the segev kitchen garden

The Segev Kitchen Garden is a restaurant located in Hod Hasharon, Israel. The design was designed by Studio Yaron Tal. The interior tries to imitate a greenhouse. It is decorated with spice trays that are actually used in the kitchen by the restaurant's chef. Herbs are hanging on the walls, flower boxes also decorate the tables and the false ceiling is very green! What a greenhouse, what a beautiful garden!

Modern suspended ceiling, The Ubon restaurant, Kuwait

contemporary interior design restaurant fake ceiling the ubon restaurant kuwait modern suspended fixture

Restaurant The Ubon is located in Kuwait. Its design was designed by Lab100 . The Thai restaurant has a very interesting interior with a careful choice of materials. The walls and ceiling are clad in wood. The coating was done by applying a Japanese technique to preserve the wood known as "Â shou-sugi-Bana".

False wooden ceiling, Tsujita restaurant in Los Angeles

interior design false ceiling contemporary design takeshi sano tsujita los angeles

Restaurant Tsujit is located in Los Angeles, California. Conceived by Takeshi Sano its false ceiling includes 25,000 wooden sticks. The result is an artistic and elegant look: a wooden sky!

Bibo Restaurant, Hong Kong, design by Substance

interior design contemporary restaurant false ceiling original design bibo restaurant hong kong substance design idea

The Bibo is a restaurant located in Honk Kong. It bears the name of the street artist who decorated the walls. Its interior is very chic and ultra modern at the same time. The project of its layout and decoration was realized by the studio team Substance . The goal was to create a bohemian and chic atmosphere at a time. Industrial accents add an elegant retro touch.

Ikibana Restaurant located in Barcelona, ​​Spain

modern interior design restaurant fake ceiling decoration ikibana restaurant el equipo creativo barcelona

Restaurant Ikibana is a mix of Japanese and Brazilian-inspired interior and kitchen elements at a time. The studio El Equipo Creativo , the team in charge of this project, had to find similarities and singularities between the two cultures. The false ceiling is the ideal compromise. Its design symbolizes the landscapes of both regions in a simplified and abstract way.

The Odessa restaurant located in Ukraine

restaurant interior design modern false ceiling modern contemporary interior design

Restaurant Odessa in Ukraine was established in 1962. It is located in Chervonoarmiyska. In 2013, it was refitted by the design studio YOD Design Lab . It has kept its authentic charm, but in a new format. The choice of materials and lighting is as important as the choice of walls and false ceilings. The result is a carved and modern interior.

Noodle restaurant in Changshau, China

false ceiling modern design original noodles restaurant interior modern idea layout

Inspired by the traditional noodle making technique, the Changshau, China restaurant features a false ceiling made of several hanging fixtures that resemble noodles. The interior is poetic and unusual. The rest of the interior combines rustic design with industrial design, mixing Eastern and Western influences, tradition and modernity. The design was designed by the studio Lukstudio .

The Cornerstone Restaurant in Dongcheng China

contemporary interior design false ceiling idea design deco wall bricks

Restaurant Cornerstone Located in Dongcheng China is a large 360m2 space. Its design, designed by Studio Ramoprim o, was finished in 2011. It includes natural materials and artificial materials: wood, bricks, steel, glass, mirror and others. The false ceiling impresses with its simple and original design. It was made of hanging fabrics.

Restaurant The sky of Paris located in the Montparnasse tower

modern contemporary interior restaurant paris exceptional panoramic view false ceiling original

The sky of Paris is a restaurant located in the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, France. Its beautiful panoramic views and exceptional design ensure an unforgettable experience. Conceived by Noah Duchaufour-Lawrance It includes mirrors that reflect natural light and create a modern, airy atmosphere.

The Chapulin Restaurant in Mexico

false ceiling original wood design modern interior original idea

Restaurant chapulin is located in Mexico. His interior is the result of the work of two teams SAMA Architects and Mob studio . The basic idea of ​​his design was to reflect the history of Mexico.

The Pakta Restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Spain

false ceilings design idea layout restaurant interior modern

The Pakta is a restaurant located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. His interior is a fusion of different styles and identities. The restaurant offers Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. Its design is also a mixture of both cultures. The project was carried out by El Equipo Creativo .

The Gochi Restaurant in Melbourne

modern interior idea design false ceiling design japan the gochi melbourne mim design

3D false ceiling effect, Innuendo restaurant in New York

idea false ceiling contemporary design modern idea restaurant innuendo design bluarch

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