False ceiling: ideas and tips

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Do you want to put a false ceiling in your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom? What is your motivation to install a false ceiling in your room?

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The false ceiling is an additional element whose implementation is often motivated by many reasons: for thermal or acoustic insulation or to make the old ceiling more beautiful and in better condition. In modern interior design, it is most often used as a decorative element or as an additional luminosity device. To choose your new false ceiling, it is important to find out beforehand. To give you some inspiring ideas, we invite you to discover our selection of living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and other rooms of various styles that are furnished with a classic or modern false ceiling.

Put a false ceiling in 25 ideas

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A false ceiling is an element that has many advantages. At the base, the first false ceilings were made of plaster . Nowadays, a large choice of quality materials exists. We can find false ceilings in chloride vinyl, wood, polyethylene and many more. If your ceiling lacks aesthetics or has aged a lot, installing a false ceiling is the ideal solution for you. It will camouflage your old ceiling and it will provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

False ceiling in gray with integrated lighting

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The false ceiling is sometimes considered an old-fashioned element. Today, several creators contemporaries are committed to make it an element of decoration and contemporary and functional furnishings. At the time, false ceilings were a real trend and often a necessity. Some people lived in large castles with very high ceilings and it was often cold. It is at this point that the false ceiling intervenes as an element of insulation on the one hand, but also to make the space more warm and welcoming.

Idea wooden ceiling with lighting

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False ceiling in a kitchen open to the dining room

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Photo false ceiling in an entrance

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Minimalist design living room with false ceiling in white

false ceiling idea living room modern minimalist style sofa coffee table black and white tile

False wooden ceiling with lighting

false ceiling wood design island central marble deco fixture suspension

ask a false ceiling living room design lighting idea sofa stool design wooden table

false ceiling bedroom idea pose design lighting fixture

pose a false ceiling bedroom design armchair white deco bed idea

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living room idea false ceiling design coffee table wood design deco modern idea

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false ceiling design kitchen island lighting design

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false ceiling pose living room idea lighting deco

false ceiling white integrated lighting design sofa white cushions

false ceiling fixture integrated design wood stair

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