False ceiling: practical and aesthetic!

false ceiling bedroom adult deco

You think of installing a fake ceiling ? Do not hesitate anymore! If you are looking for information about suspended ceilings, this article is for you. Today we are going to talk about all the advantages of the false ceiling.
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First, this type of ceiling gives a look aesthetic to your room.

A bedroom with a ceiling design original

false ceiling room lighting

It optimizes the space and hides electrical cables. In addition, choosing the false ceiling is a good choice if you want good insulation. It can also play on volumes, and it adapts practically to all surfaces, whether modern and contemporary or traditional.

The false ceiling is a good choice if you want good insulation

idea false ceiling bedroom deco

If you want to give a warmer side to your room, simply install a few lEDs or light ramps. You can choose between a removable ceiling, plaster or textile ceiling. Each of them has its advantages. The removable ceiling for example is one of the most common types of ceilings.

Chic and elegant is this ceiling

false ceiling idea interior layout

It allows to hide a damaged ceiling. You can easily create thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, you can reduce the volume of a room that is difficult to heat using the removable ceiling. You can install this type of ceiling on different structures, such as concrete or wood.

A blue color for an original suspended ceiling

false ceiling bedroom deco child

It is simple to install and disassemble, so it is an ideal choice for a small budget. If you want a touch of design, go for the plaster ceiling. It is practical and economical, easy to model and does not involve big jobs. In addition, it can be used in a humid space, like the bathroom for example.

Pastel colors on the walls and a view of a white ceiling

pastel colors ceiling view walls

Be careful, this type of false ceiling is not removable! The textile ceiling or the stretch ceiling, brings a design atmosphere of warmth and comfort to your interior. They are in harmony with a chic and luxurious interior. On the other hand, its implementation is quite complicated. If you opt for the textile ceiling, you can easily hide any imperfections because the fabric is an ideal coating to hide the ceilings in poor condition.

A purple color in this modern and chic living room

purple color living room modern ceiling

You can lay fabric on any surface: concrete, cement, plaster or wood. Be careful: the false textile ceiling does not like wet spaces! But how to choose the best false ceiling? Take in tale the lifespan. Also think about fire resistance and easy installation.

A modern kitchen with green accents

modern kitchen green accents

Of course, the price range is also a very important element. Whatever the reason for a false ceiling, it is still a good aesthetic choice, even if the space may be reduced. For this reason it is important to choose the color of your false ceiling.

It is important to choose the color of your false ceiling

two colors beautiful ceiling

Another advantage of false ceilings is that they are a real decorative solution. You have a lot of freedom and you can easily customize the ceiling according to your preferences. In addition, it is ideal with a coating. If you wish, you can harmonize your false ceiling with the old one. The eventualities of decoration are numerous. We invite you to look at our selection of photos and choose what you like most.

Easily customize the ceiling to your preferences

false ceiling Zoom

An original form of a ceiling

original shape must ceiling

An original suspended ceiling of an oval shape

zoon original ceiling hanging oval shape

An original form of a suspended ceiling

original form suspended ceiling

A small kitchen with a suspended ceiling

small kitchen suspended ceiling

An elegant ceiling with led light

elegant ceiling view led light

A ceiling with a led light

simple ceiling view luniere led

An original purple ceiling

original purple ceiling

A dining room with an elegant ceiling

elegant ceiling dining room

A chic lounge with a glamorous ceiling

glamorous ceiling chic living room

An original living room and a ceiling with floral elements

living room original ceiling floral elements

A simple living room with a view of a suspended white ceiling

simple living room suspended white ceiling view

Roman style original ceiling

kitchen blue oval ceiling

bedroom view original ceiling

false ceiling heart view

false ceiling design

Gray false ceiling view

round ceiling view

suspended ceiling view

ceiling suspended ceiling

beautiful living room ceiling fake ceiling

modern living room ceiling design view

zoom suspended ceiling

zoom white ceiling original shape

chic ceiling zoom

dark color ceiling zoom

interesting ceiling zoom

zoom ceiling light led

zoom suspended ceiling

bedroom chic chic faux ceiling

yellow color suspended ceiling

modern bedroom ceiling design original

room-bedroom-modern-ceiling original

stylish elegant white ceiling view

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