False chimney: some ideas how to decorate it

fake white fireplace design deco idea living room

Not everyone has the chance to have a real fireplace to decorate the living room for Christmas. But some are lucky enough to have a false fireplace in their interior to be able, at least, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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And if you're a little DIY, you can even make your own fake DIY fireplace! What is really important when you can not enjoy the functional part of the fireplace is the decoration of the space. When you only have the visual part of the fireplace, it's important to know how to decorate it.

Design fireplace in the bedroom

fake fireplace wood deco idea flowers

The first idea that immediately comes to mind is the decoration of the fireplace with wood. It's really perfect for winter and cold months. The fireplace can also have a functional purpose in addition to its decorative purpose - it can serve as a TV stand. What you can also do is put on the wood, stone or glass fireplace and turn it into a storage space with shelves, for example. And if you want a romantic decor in the living room or the bedroom, you can fill your fireplace with decorative candles. Choose different patterns and colors to create a truly original decor. Here are 30 ideas that will certainly inspire you:

False chimney with decoration DIY

fake fireplace deco diy idea wood

Wooden fireplace and a friendly cat

fake fireplace deco wood living room table

Four fake chimney decoration ideas

fake fireplace ideas decoration

Fireplace in a bedroom

fake fireplace bedroom

False chimney as TV stand

fake fireplace tv stand

Fake fireplace decoration

fake fireplace candles deco

Interesting fireplace decoration for Christmas

faerie chimney decoration winter

Deco idea of ​​fireplace in green

fake fireplace deco green

Elegant interior design with fake fireplace

fake fireplace idee deco

Fireplace decorated with design objects

fake fireplace decoration idea

Elegant fireplace decorated with candles

chimney false deco candles

original fausse deco fireplace

chimney false summer deco

chimney false idea deco

chimney false idea mirror

chimney fausse meuble rangement

deco fireplace fake candles

elegant deco chimney

false white fireplace deco

false chimney deco Noel

fake fireplace wood decoration

false chimney ideas deco

idea of ​​deco fireplace candles

original deco idea chimney

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