False design ceilings in 30 original ideas

false ceilings wood design wood table low living room frame wall deco idea cushions architect Michael O'Sullivan

Do you want to install a false ceiling in your living room, dining room, bedroom or in another room of your apartment or house? The installation of a false ceiling is often motivated by different reasons.

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It is ideal as a thermal and acoustic isolator, it can also make your old ceiling more aesthetic. If you want to put a false ceiling at home and you are looking for original ideas, we invite you to discover our selection of 30 examples of false ceilings made of different materials.

False design and modern ceilings in 30 examples

false ceiling design lighting bedroom wall decoration idea headboard quilted

What is your motivation to install a false ceiling in one or more of your living spaces? In contemporary interior design, most often the false ceiling plays the role of decorative element. Houses nowadays have very good thermal insulation and do not need an extra insulator. On the one hand, if you have a large open room or a very high ceiling, it is recommended to install a false ceiling to insulate your room from the cold. On the other hand, if you like to be always quiet and have noisy neighbors (or you like to listen to loud music), then the false ceiling can act as an acoustic isolator. It is also possible to install a false ceiling as an additional light device. There are false ceilings very elegant light.

Elegant royal inspired ceiling

false ceiling white blue design idea dining room chair wood wall decoration frame

To choose your new false ceiling, it is important to find out beforehand. Remember to match the style and decor of your home. If your room is not very large, installing a false ceiling is not the best solution. You risk making it less spacious and bright. To help you in your research and to give you some interesting ideas, we have selected 28 different interiors of living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms with wooden, metal, tiled and other false ceilings. Discover them:

False original ceiling with a view in a House in Soho

bedroom false ceilings original idea lighting decoration wall photo floor mats white beige parquet woodbed-bedroom-deco-wall-table-false-ceiling-lighting

Idea false ceiling light concrete of Belzberg Architects

bedroom modern fake ceiling light deco table wall carpet gray gray white armchairs

False ceiling quilted

indoor bedroom modern false ceiling quilted design bedroom lighting armchair deco curtain white

Idea false ceiling light

false ceilings design false ceiling light living room bedroom wooden floor television design wooden table

Photo geometric false ceiling in white

contemporary interior dining room false ceiling wood white design fixture hanging design chair dining table

False wooden ceiling with lighting

false ceilings modern interior idea false ceiling wood living room corner sofa cushions coffee table

Space with false ceiling light

false ceilings living room idea faux plafodn bright living room sofa gray cushions design fireplace

False wooden ceiling

indoor dining room modern fixture hanging floor mats gray glass table false ceiling wood

False ceiling living room image

interior living room contemporary false ceiling light white sofa white cushions design lamp modern floor mats black

White and bright

kitchen design island central marble plant deco idea living room sofa marble

Very elegant living room

minimalist living room design idea interior design chalkboard wall sofa cushions

interior design modern false ceiling painting deco wall table sofa white cushions wooden table wooden chair

living room modern corner sofa white floor rug coffee table wood fixture suspension false ceiling glass wood design idea

false ceiling design idea floor rug sofa blue modern design

contemporary living room modern false ceiling wood design candlestick candle table armchair design interior design modern idea wall decoration palm

false ceiling design idea lighting fixture suspension dining room dining table idea layout chairs interior design modern library

false ceiling original design modern floor rug sofa cushions fixture lamp design

false ceiling tiling idea original central island wooden fixture hanging wooden cabinet design

false ceiling metal design idea lighting fixture hanging chair green sofa leather brown floor rug purple coffee table glass

living room interior rustic style design faux wood ceiling

false ceilings dining room idea lighting fixture hanging

false ceilings metal interior kitchen design fixture hanging central island wood

indoor living room dining room false ceilings wooden sofa beige cushions design lamp

faux ceilings classic design lighting idea sofa leather white coffee table black

faux ceilings stripes design quilted headboard cushions interior bedroom deco chandelier

false ceiling light design bedroom idea floor mat

indoor house fake ceiling design idea

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