Family design house in Beijing China by Arch Studio

family home trend modern dining room wood table bookcase

This family house Three story is located in a residential area of ​​the suburbs of Beijing, China. The first floor and the basement represent the social space that serves for the reception of the guests.

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The second floor is for everyday life and more intimate. It has separate entrances and exits. The basic concept of this house has been to use different materials to distinguish between interior and exterior and to create an open environment rich in textures. The decoration is very minimalist. The atmosphere is natural, simple and calm.

Family design house in Beijing in China by Arch Studio

family house design wooden table dining room

The project was carried out by Arch Studio . The design of the first floor is around the living room and the workspace. Grilles and wooden shelves play the role of library and allow to store books and various objects. The grid creates the impression of semi-transparency. The tea room, below, is with gray cement flooring combined with concrete and laid out with custom-made coffee tables. In this way, the contrast of the gray color and the wooden pieces, the library included in the background, offers an experience of design extraordinary.

The family house has a tea room

family home design wood table on wall sofa cushions libraries

The same contrast technique was used for the living room and the bedroom. For the basement, the designers emphasized duality: nature and human creation. A bamboo garden in the courtyard creates interactions of the outdoor landscape with the interior architecture. The underground garage has been transformed into a bright bedroom.

The living room is minimalist style

family home living room corner sofa white floor rug tv stand

All photographs are made by Arch studio

living room design coffee table wood modern armchair black

Large wooden table and original lights

luminaire suspension dining room design wooden table chairs

The grid makes the design of this space very original and unique

grid trend bookcase wood modern dining room

Transparent suspended luminaires in the shape of balls

luminaire modern design trend modern idea suspension

Large light wood table

modern dining room design wood table chairs

The dining room is open on the living room

dining room open living room

Elegant, modern and bright interior

dining table wood chairs design fixture suspension false ceiling

The wooden grid makes the space unique

grid wood design fixture suspension modern

Wooden furniture in the entrance

family house trendy furniture wood modern design

Garden with bamboo

Japanese garden interior design

family house design villa china japanese garden

design wood bookcase

family home design modern faux ceiling design bed

modern interior bedroom design bed modern

bedroom design bed modern design wood table

family home design chinese garden trendy decorative stones

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