Fashion Spring - Summer 2015: What are the trends?

spring fashion

The time has come for the girls to introduce you to the new trends of the fashion spring - summer 2015 for you to be stylish and sexy for the new season.

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In this article we invite you to discover the main accents of fashion spring 2015 - a nod to the 70s, small sports touches, bare-shouldered silhouettes, tiered skirts, gingham prints etc.

Fashion Spring - Summer 2015 - Trends

spring fashion 1

Vichy prints are not new, but for 2015 designers are presenting them in a new way. You will find them in a multitude of colors that will please even the most conservative of you. Regarding other prints, opt for printed chameleons and caterpillar, scorpions, crabs and jellyfish. It may sound strange and yet you will find them on a lot of clothes in the spring.

Woman's outfit with checkered skirt

spring fashion 2

Every year designers pay tribute to a bygone era, in 2015 it is the 70s. But it's just a little retro nod with juxtaposed color combinations, a great abundance of jeans and female silhouettes. The minimalist sporty touch also found its place in 2015 and very often translates to laces, stripes, zippers and bracelets. Yes, it's all about details but as they say - it's the details that make up the complete look. Here is a nice selection of photos to give you a little insight into the fashion spring - summer 2015 :

A nod to the 70's

spring fashion 3

Elegant woman outfit in white

spring fashion 4

Woman trench coat in yellow

fashion trends idea 2015

Woman's outfit with animal prints

woman holding idea skirt leather

Sexy outfit in black

black modern woman holding idea

The prints remain trendy

women's fashion 2015 animal prints

Sporty chic style

women's fashion 2015 sports minimalism

fashion woman 2015 dress

fashion woman summer 2015

fashion spring summer 2105 plaid

fashion spring woman idea

2015 women's short dress

modern woman short dress

elegant modern woman dress

short red woman dress

Trendy modern women's dress

fashion trends 2015

modern woman casual outfit

elegant modern woman holding

Elegant woman outfit 2015

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