Fashion Spring Summer 2016: What are the trends to follow

fashion spring summer 2016 original idea

What is the best way to summarize what happened at the fashion shows? spring summer fashion 2016 ? One word: abundance. There was a maximalism of stripes present everywhere even among romantics like Alexander McQueen , Sarah Burton and Erdem Moralioglu.

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Customers want more than ever trends to cling to, an emotional component that extends beyond luxury and glamor. The designers respond to this demand by offering romantic, attractive, rich and ornate clothing and even the minimalist designers opt for a certain eccentricity in their collections. But then, with this visual feast, what to wear this summer?

Fashion Spring Summer 2016: Trends

fashion spring summer 2016 colors's chief critic Sarah Mower recently wrote about why the 90s are making a big comeback on fashion carpets. Her theory or algorithm says that if we subtract 25 (the age of most creators up) from today's date, then the result will be 1990. She explains that even though these men and women were still teenagers during this period, their sense of nostalgia leads them to the 90s-inspired fashion. But for whatever reason, the spring-summer collections were brimming with greased hair, low pants and everything in the middle.

Modern outfit inspired by the 90s

fashion spring summer 2016 years 90

The bare shoulders were also very present on the parades of spring summer fashion 2016 . The tops with lowered shoulders and angular necklines have found their place in all fashion capitals this year. So, to feel fresh and fashionable in the spring, feel free to combine your 90s-inspired look with a bare-shouldered top.

Elegant sweater with bare shoulders

fashion spring summer 2016 shoulder

As for accessories, the knots and the large mixed earrings are back. The knots were used long and wide to embellish the collections of Gucci and Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler, no matter if they are on dresses, tops or pants. Regarding earrings, try to wear a different one to each ear to follow the trends.

Three futuristic outfits with shiny materials

fashion spring summer 2016 futuristic

It was inevitable that the creators think of the future and for many, this resulted in metallic patterns and silhouettes inspired by space. It is always a very insightful experience to see different interpretations of what will be the future and it seems that for the spring and summer we will have many different interpretations to choose from, including in the collections of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and clothes.

Multicolored blouses with high collar

fashion spring summer 2016 multicolored

And speaking of spring and summer, we can not imagine the new season without the company of the romantic ruffles present in the Proenza Schouler, Gucci and Alexander McQueen collections. In addition to flying, we must not forget the pleats that were everywhere during parades - skirts, pants, dresses and even shoes, but this time in micro version. And if you decide to wear a high collar, pleats, knots and embroidery on you, then you'll probably succeed in your Victorian-inspired look that will be very popular in the spring, it seems.

Ruffles are very fashionable for the new season

Summer fashion ideas 2016

Elegant skirt and top in red and blue

fashion spring summer 2016 blue red

Pink shades dress

fashion spring summer 2016- mprimes

Stylish outfit inspired by the Victorian era

fashion spring summer 2016 look victorian

The stripes are at the top for the new season

spring fashion trend idea

fashion summer spring idea

fashion spring summer 2016 blue

fashion spring summer 2016 elegant

fashion spring summer 2016 flowers

fashion spring summer 2016 ideas

fashion spring summer 2016 floral prints

fashion spring summer 2016 transparent materials

fashion spring summer 2016 original

fashion spring summer 2016 plisse

fashion spring summer 2016 rayeures

fashion spring summer 2016 dress

fashion spring summer 2016 dress leather

fashion spring-summer 2016 black white dress

fashion spring summer dress rayeures

summer trendy women's pants

modern woman short dress

Dolce Gabbana elegant dress

bare shoulders dress summer

black elegant white woman dress

Elegant pink women's dress

Gucci green women's dress

modern summer floral dress

trendy floral dress summer

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modern spring stringer suit

fashion trend Ralph Lauren spring

summer fashion trends 2016

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summer fashion trends 2016

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fashion trends spring 2016

elegant summer woman outfit

modern spring summer outfit

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