Feng Shui cooking: some principles of decoration

cooking feng shui idees

If you love your kitchen, then you'll want to spend more time preparing meals that nourish the body and mind. But on the contrary, if you do not like your kitchen, you will often be tempted to eat fast food or frozen, that is to say that your health will suffer.
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In this article we will introduce some of the principles of the cooked feng shui which will help you to create a comfortable and pleasant kitchen.

Feng shui kitchen decorated in white

kitchen feng shui deco white

In feng shui kitchens are considered the most important pieces in the house. The kitchen is the heart of the house and it must be clean, well lit and tidy. And since health is so important, kitchens are also connected to wealth, since poor health prevents the ability to work and earn a living. Here are some principles to follow to develop a cooked feng shui :

Modern feng shui kitchen decoration

cooking feng shui design

According to feng shui, the cuisine attracts yang, so opt for bright and cheerful colors and decorations inspired by nature. - living plants or decorative paintings with natural landscapes for the pleasure of the eyes. Kitchens also attract a lot of dust, so try to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Baskets and storage boxes will be your best allies to do so.
Planning idea - feng shui kitchen

kitchen feng shui elegant design

Is the door of your refrigerator filled with post-it notes or decorative magnets? Refrigerator doors are great places to display your photos and often overload them. The good resolution is to remove everything you posted, put it in a nice box and leave only a few pictures or decorative objects on the door.
Feng shui kitchen deco with central island

cooking feng shui deco interesting

What you can also do is tidy up the mess in drawers and kitchen cabinets. If there is something you have not used for six months, then you can throw it away. It is an activity that will inspire you to continue. You will probably be surprised to see how many objects you have in use actually serve you for nothing. Instead of throwing them away, you can give them to a charitable organization or someone who will really use them.
Feng shui kitchen layout

kitchen feng shui deco white

Try never to leave objects such as toasters, blenders or drummers on your countertops. Put them in a cupboard and decorate your counters with beautiful vases filled with fresh flowers. By juxtaposing kitchen objects with decorative objects, you will make the atmosphere in the room much more pleasant and welcoming.
Idea of ​​kitchen decor in neutral shades

feng shui kitchen neutral colors

Sitting and eating in the kitchen should be the time of day when everyone gets together to rest and spend time together. You need a good dining area, a space that allows your family to communicate and feel comfortable. It is important to have beautiful chairs and an inspiring art board on one of the walls. Watching TV is a good way to spend time together, but not during meals. Here are some pictures that illustrate feng shui in the kitchen:
Modern kitchen with green plants

cooking feng shui green plants

Contemporary kitchen decorating idea

cooking feng chui idee deco

Zen kitchen in white and orange

cooking feng shui white orange

cooking feng shui deco idea

cooking feng shui decoration

kitchen feng shui wood decoration

kitchen feng shui modern decoration

cooking feng shui interesting design

kitchen feng shui modern design

cooking feng shui idee deco

cooking feng shui central island

kitchen feng shui furniture wood

kitchen feng shui white furniture

modern feng shui cuisine

cooking feng shui black white

cooking feng shui dining table

cooking feng shui vase flowers

feng shui kitchen gray

feng shui kitchen bar

feng shui white kitchen

feng shui kitchen white black

feng shui kitchen wood

feng shui kitchen clear colors

feng shui kitchen deco

feng shui kitchen minimalist design

feng shui kitchen modern design

feng shui kitchen original design

feng shui elegant kitchen wood

feng shui modern stylish kitchen

feng shui kitchen windows roof

feng shui minimalist kitchen

feng shui modern kitchen

feng shui kitchen small

feng shui ultra modern kitchen

feng shui original kitchen design

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