Feng Shui Room: an elegant and relaxing decoration

room feng shui idees deco

Feng Shui - which literally means "wind and water" - is an ancient Chinese planning art. The purpose of this art is to enhance the flow of orchi (the force of life or spiritual energy) and to create a harmonious environment that is good for health, stimulates enrichment and invites happiness.

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At its core, feng shui is a decorative philosophy based on the belief that our environment affects our health and well-being. And since the bedroom is one of the rooms where you spend the most time resting, in this article we will give you some tips on how to decorate a room. bedroom feng shui elegant and relaxing.

Feng shui room decorated in blue

blue feng shui bedroom

For the bedroom feng shui it is very important to always have two bedside tables. Night tables represent the strong dynamics of relationships. Place two bedside tables on both sides of the bed even if you are single (this will help you find your partner). Both pieces of furniture must be of equal stature. It's the same for everything you're going to put on it.

Feng shui bedroom with decoration in gray and yellow

room feng shui decoration

The placement of the bed in the bedroom is also very important. Each room has a strong point of energy and this is where you need to position your bed. The headboard should be against a solid wall that will serve as a support for energy. You must have similar access on both sides of the bed. When you are lying in your bed, you have to see the door and everyone entering the room. Not all bedrooms can meet all of these criteria, so try different placements and choose what's best for you.

Bedroom feng shui decoration

bedroom feng shui deco gray

Does one of the two sides of your bed look overloaded? Are your drawers and cabinets full and you have no room for anything else in the room? Are you bothered by the appearance of your bedroom? If all this sounds familiar, then you are definitely blocking a partner's arrival in your life. Store and organize the room, free up space and you'll be surprised at the results.

Feng shui original deco room

light blue feng shui bedroom

Use even numbers in the decoration of your room. Numbers are the oldest and most important symbols for our subconscious. And for this reason, it is recommended to have all objects in even numbers. If, for example, you have a candle in the room, then add one more. If you want decorative cushions on the bed, opt for a number of two, four or six.

Feng shui room decorated in beige

beige feng shui bedroom

Place mirrors on the side walls. One of the feng shui rules says that you should not place the mirror in front of the bed so as not to invite a third party into your relationship. No matter if you believe it or not, the mirrors generate a lot of energy in the space and will disturb your sleep. If you still want to have a mirror in the room, it is best to place it on a side wall and not in front of your bed. Here are some feng shui room decoration ideas:

Feng shui white bedroom with design headboard in gray

room feng shui white gray

Modern bedroom decoration in light shades

room feng shui white black

Bedroom decoration in neutral shades

room feng shui light colors

Idea of ​​colors for the bedroom

room feng shui deco

room feng shui deco wood

room feng shui deco plant

room feng shui modern decoration

room feng shui decor idea

room feng shui design

bedroom feng shui contemporary design

bedroom feng shui elegant design

gray feng shui room

room feng shui idee deco

room feng shui idee decoration

modern feng shui room

room feng shui red gray

feng shui bedroom oriental style

green feng shui room

bedroom color feng shui

feng shui contemporary room

feng shui bedroom deco

feng shui bedroom design

feng shui modern design room

feng shui elegant room

feng shui modern stylish room

feng shui bedroom idee deco

feng shui canopy bed room

feng shui bedroom bed wood

feng shui luxury room

feng shui minimalist room

feng shui minimalist bedroom deco

feng shui bedroom mirrors

feng shui red room gray

feng shui design elegant room

feng shui deco idea room

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