Feng shui salon: ideas for a harmonious and elegant decor

living room feng shui idees decoration

Interiors inspired by Japanese style, zen decorations and incredible gardens with Asian motifs - contemporary design is discovering more and more the many advantages of the East.

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We all realize that our modern life is too stressed and monotonous and that's why each new decorative trend seems like an effort to escape this vicious circle. The success of deco feng shui is still proof of it. Today we are going to delve into the ideas and tips about deco feng shui salon that promises to enhance the mood in your home while transforming your lifestyle. Easy to incorporate and very beautiful, feng shui decoration accentuate the theme of your interior without requiring too much effort or major work.

Feng Shui living room with two modern sofas

living room feng shui canape gray

No matter the room from the inside, the basic principles of feng shui remain the same and it is not difficult to understand that the best way to start is by clearing the space of all that is not really necessary. As far as the living room is concerned, the idea is to just keep what you really like by making sure it is in harmony with the decorative style of the room. With the popularity of open spaces, carpets, raised floors and false ceilings, feng shui becomes even more important. If your living room seems too busy in deco, it is time to redecorate.

Feng Shui minimalist style living room

living room feng shui deco minimalist living room

The trend of painting brightly colored doors may be new in the West, but in the East it has been around for a very long time. Classic feng shui suggests choosing the color of the door according to its orientation. Generally, green is a good option for a house facing east, while blue is perfect for west-facing homes. Red is for the South, while black and purple are for the houses facing North. This is important to know, especially if your front door opens directly to the living room.

Living room decoration according to feng shui principles

living room feng shui modern deco

Once you have chosen the color of the door, it's time to talk about the decor in the living room. The large sofa or armchairs that play the central role in the room must always be placed in front of the entrance to the room. It is also a good idea to put the sofa near a wall. It is a design scheme consistent with the principles of feng shui and defines our evolutionary instincts. We always want to be in a position of autonomy that allows us to control the surroundings.

Modern living room decor with warm colors

living room feng shui modern fireplace

The placement of the TV, for its part, does not depend so much on the place, but in fact if you can hide it when you do not use it. It may be a good idea to put the TV in a separate room, which will allow the show to become a place for conversation and interaction. And in case you do not have another free room to have TV, then try to hide it behind sliding doors to create a feng shui-like living room. Here are some deco ideas in pictures:

Original contemporary living room decoration

feng shui living room idee deco

Modern living room feng shui with wooden design furniture

feng shui living room shelf wood

Feng shui living room deco idea

feng shui deco living room

Feng shui living room with wooden beams on the ceiling

feng shui elegant living room deco

Elegant living room of modern design

feng shui design salon

feng shui salon amenagement

feng shui living room round sofa

feng shui salon deco

feng shui living room contemporary deco

feng shui salon deco elegant

feng shui living room deco big mirror

feng shui modern deco living room

feng shui salon deco original

feng shui living room decoration

feng shui lounge armchairs

Feng Shui Salon Idea Decoration

feng shui living room velvet furniture

feng shui modern living room

feng shui contemporary modern living room

feng shui salon style miniamliste

feng shui purple lounge

salon feng shui white

living room feng shui mirror fireplace

living room feng shui warm colors

living room feng shui bright colors

living room feng shui deco

living room feng shui deco cotiere

feng shui lounge deco elegant

salon feng shui deco interesting

living room feng shui deco plants

living room feng shui decoration

living room feng shui contemporary design

living room feng shui elegant design

feng shui elegant lounge

living room feng shui elegant design

living room feng shui big sofa

living room feng shui idee

living room feng shui idee deco

living room feng shui furniture design

feng shui salon clear shades

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