Festive table: ideas for a fresh decoration

festive table decoration bouquet of flowers vegetables candles original idea

Anniversary or wedding - we see things in big! Whatever the occasion to celebrate, the decoration of party table is not to be taken lightly.

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It's part of the magic of your party. Decorate is a pleasure that you can share with your family or friends. If you like DIY, there are many original decorating ideas that are easy to make at home. You can install decorative objects (statuettes, candles, small figurines and others) that you bought at the store or do them yourself. Our tip: this year's fashion, decor and design trend is the essential minimalist style. The less decorative objects you put on your table, the better. Finally, one of the best decorations for every occasion is, indisputably, the beauty and freshness of the flowers.

Festive table: the beauty and freshness of flowers

party table idea deco pink red flowers

Another recent trend is decoration with fruits, vegetables and flowers. Rich in colors and shapes, fruits and vegetables can be a very original and impressive decoration. Your guests will certainly be inspired by your creativity!

Party table decoration in style minimalist

decoration table party idea plants flowers

The floral decoration is the most classic and the most loved. Who does not like the freshness and sweet and pleasant smell of flowers? Just like fruits and vegetables, there are many varieties of flowers. You can choose them according to the rest of the style of your interior or exterior.

Table decoration idea with red and pink flowers

deco idea party table red white rose flowers

Dried fruits are also a pretty decoration that is often associated with Christmas. In fact, it's available throughout the year - no matter the season. For a summer decoration, we advise you to add flowers, while for a decoration of autumn you can put some leaves of dried trees.

Decoration idea with dried fruits

party table decoration idea plate

Decoration with flowers

deco idea table party flowers

Decoration idea for the napkin

deco napkin party table

Original and practical idea

deco meal practice party table

Decoration with pumpkins and flowers

original decoration idea party table

Decoration with many pink and clemantine flowers

party table idea decorations flowers bouquet orange coffee table wooden cushion floor mats

party table decoration idea flowers vase white flowers

party table idea decoration bouquet of flowers candle vase

table idea decoration party summer flowers

party table idea decoration red pink flowers

decoration party table pumpkin flowers candle

party table original decoration idea plate

decorate party table flowers tulips original idea

idea party table decoration flowers bouquet

table decoration pear idea original party


deco idea of ​​table original bouquet of strawberry flowers

deco idea party table

idea center table decoration party cheese meal

deco party table original idea candle white apple leaves

decoration table party flowers

party table idea deco flowers modern fruit

decorate the flower idea party table

deco idea table center wood candle

table idea decoration party lighting fixture

party plant deco idea table plant succulent

idea table idea roses vase plate

decoration tablecloths flowers bouquet curtains

decorate pink table theme birthday party idea

party table idea deco flowers vase blue

decoration table idea flowers branches tree original blue

birthday party table wedding birthday tulips

deco idea table flowers

deco table idea flowers vase red rose

table decoration with flowers bouquet idea original

deco table party idea tablecloth candles blahces

party table idea decorations flowers

deco table idea flowers paper red pink orange

table party idea decoration plant pebbles

pumpkin deco idea table party flowers vase

deco party table idea original pumpkin vase

deco idea flowers tulips original

deco idea festive table flowers vase pink

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