Fireplace decor: a modern fireplace corner

deco fireplace corner ideas

The deco fireplace is very important to succeed a welcoming and beautiful interior. The fireplace corner may seem awkward if it is not connected with the overall decor of the room.

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With the appropriate colors and accessories, the fireplace area immediately becomes a pleasant and warm place. It can vary in size and design and your deco strategy will depend on its architecture and the function of the space.

Deco ultra modern design fireplace

decorative fireplace corner design

If it is a question of decorating a spacious fireplace corner, you can very well arrange it in corner of relaxation by means of an armchair, a comfortable chaise longue or a padded storage bench like the ones that usually used below the window. A small writing table and a chair will make the space perfect for working. The fireplace corner is also perfect for displaying your fragile decorative items or creating a reading corner with a wooden shelf for your books.

Fireplace corner with design armchair

deco fireplace corner armchair

The smaller fireplace corner can be used for storing the wood you need for the fireplace in winter. A tapestry or decorative panel in the overall colors of the room will help you connect the fireplace area with the rest of your interior design. The same effect can be achieved by painting the corner in the same color as the rest of the room. In case you want to make it brighter, use lighter colors or choose wallpaper if you want a touch of originality.

Fireplace corner decorated with wooden stools

deco fireplace design corner

If there is a window in the fireplace corner, you can use curtains in creamy shades to soften the decor. Blinds can control the light, so it's a good option if you expect to use the corner as a relaxation area. A green plant or a flower in a design pot will give a touch of freshness to your decor. Look at the pictures below for more ideas:

Decorative fireplace corner minimalist style

deco fireplace corner minimalist style

Fireplace corner decoration idea with mirrors

deco fireplace interesting idea

Fireplace corner with two wooden chairs

chimney corner design idea

Corner fireplace layout in shabby chic style

white shabby chic corner fireplace

Fireplace in dark colors

fireplace decoration amenagement idee

corner fireplace ultra modern idea

deco fireplace corner storage wood

decorative fireplace corner stools

deco white elegant fireplace

decorative fireplace original idea

deco fireplace modern corner

deco fireplace ultra modern idee

decoration appartemen chiminee idea

deco living room fireplace black white

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