Fireplace design for your warm cocoon

fireplace design blue living room deco idea design armchair wood

Choosing a fireplace and installing it is not an easy task. First, you have to choose the style: do you want a design fireplace or a classic fireplace?

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If you have not decided yet, our selection of 20 fireplaces of different styles can guide you in your choices of layout and decoration.

Design fireplace in a living room with modern interior

fireplace design living room sofa modern floor rug flowers deco black coffee table

This white fireplace blends with the wall. It is not emphasized, in contrast it merges with the style of the living room. Accents are set on the small black coffee table, the large decorative table and the purple cushions. The decoration floral add a touch of freshness.

Design fireplace and black in front of leather sofa

fireplace design living room sofa leather armchair wood lamp black stool mirror

This black fireplace is well suited to this living room furnished in style urban . The brown leather sofa, the mirror with a black frame and the lamp are three elements that allow us to define immediately this style as urban. To make it less cold and warmer, the designers decided to install this design fireplace.

White fireplace

fireplace white design wood modern deco starfish curtain living room sofa white

Fireplace design and natural landscape

fireplace design black nature coffee table boie carpet

Lounge open on the dining room with fireplace

fireplace design lamp hanging design dining table living room sofa

Fireplace and wood: natural heat

indoor fireplace living room furniture idea TV insert

Fireplace and design

fireplace open hearth wood deco living room plant white vase parquet

fireplace foyer appart living room deco

black fireplace inserts living room deco idea

black fireplace design parquet interior living room deco

living room deco fireplace stone parquet wood

layout living room inserts fireplace deco living room

inserts fireplace design living room coffee table deco living room sofa white cushion

living room modern furniture wooden table chair hanging lamp

deco living room fireplace inserts

open living room dining room fireplace easy chair

furniture living room fireplace insert sofa beige armchair coffee table deco

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