Fireplaces: how to create a springtime decor in pictures

deco tower easy chimney

Our fireplaces are ready to change their look to complete the spring decoration of our homes using our collection of creative ideas. She is here to help you change the chimney dressing this season.

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Let's go for a tour in 25 images of spring and original decoration!

Deco fireplaces: bet on spring patterns

Creative Spring Deco Fireplaces

If you want to relook your fireplace yourself, the easiest solution is to put beautiful flowers in a design vase and you're done! Tulips, daffodils and lilies are waiting for you to give a spring touch to your home.

Fireplace with vintage patterns

simple vintage decorative fireplace

The frames with vintage motifs are a beautiful trend for the decoration of this season. You can place them on the mantel in the background by reserving room for smaller decorative items in the front row.

Choose the green color

dress fireplace spring pictures

Green symbolizes nature and is there a better idea than the accessories that are reminiscent of nature for the fireplace decor? You can accompany objects in this color: eggs, bird houses or flowering branches, to you the choice!

Dress up fireplaces in classic style

fireplaces design deco diy wood

For the lovers of the decoration more simple and easy to realize, there are several elegant possibilities like the monochrome or pastel paintings. You can also choose the option nature wood to place on the mantel, as on this nice photo.

Decorative idea to accompany flowers: baskets and baskets

decorative fireplace tower

The baskets with or without eggs or green patterns are also reminiscent of the nature and celebration of Easter. That's why they are a beautiful element of deco brico for fireplaces. They can be completed with figurines or toys of the same neutral style.

The terrarium: invite nature on the chimney

brico terrarium fireplace mantel

The creators of decorative objects who do not want to stop there, can realize a real ecosystem to decorate their chimneys. If you like this idea, take inspiration from the creation of Craftberry Bush on the pictures above (you will find the photo of the whole of the decoration in the gallery).

Deco chimney to make oneself: eggs with cutting technique

cladding chimney easter clipping

How to dress your fireplace: table with paper flowers

to make deco paper mantel fireplaces

Elegant decorative idea to make yourself: fireplace mantel with plates

fireplace plate

How to decorate a fireplace easily with some classic objects

decor fireplaces insert vase plant

terrarium spring coat

coats fireplaces flowers spring

brico decorative fireplace mantel

fireplace mantel brico vases

wreath flowers make dressing fireplace

element deco fireplaces spring

fireplace design paintings

modern how to dress fireplace

how to make deco chimneys

decorative fireplace idea spring

contemporary fireplace insert easy deco

contemporary design fireplace

modern fireplace flowers paintings

fireplaces design spring flowers

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