Fit a modern house entrance

develop a modern outdoor plant house entrance

We continue the series of suggestions for decorating outdoor spaces and we explore the question: how to build a modern house entrance? As we know, the entrance is the part of the house that provides the first impression of the house.

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It is this main function of the entrance that determines its layout.

Designing a modern house entrance: what are the trends?

create a home entrance deco contemporary style

Modern homes place an emphasis on sustainable development and construction with authentic materials. This natural spirit announces itself, in many cases, from the entrance of the house. Made of wood or glass, facades and entrance doors often have clean lines that blend well with small front gardens of modern design homes.

Design a modern style house entrance: several natural options

fit door entrance house idea modern deco

In these types of exteriors, planters and flower boxes are among the most common decorative elements. Depending on the space available, they will be arranged symmetrically, that is to say on both sides of the door, or in a more original way by focusing on asymmetry.

To create a modern entrance of a simple and aesthetic house

create an entrance idea home deco contemporary design

The input Modern and contemporary homes are simple and suited to today's lifestyle. Green plants are the most common because they are easy to maintain and do not require much effort from the building owners.

Trendy accessories for a modern house entrance: large flower pots

interior design decoration contemporary house

Entrance door decoration with pots for modern design plant

create a modern object entrance deco

Some homeowners use even simpler maintenance solutions: potted plants. These are generally species that grow in height and thus form green columns posted such as guards in front of the front door.

Create a modern entrance with a piece of art

house architect statue door entry

But not all homeowners rely on plants and flowerbeds. Since wood and glass are materials that harmonize well with metal objects, one can also choose to organize the layout of its entrance around a modern design statue made of metal. These objects are a beautiful decorative accent that is even less demanding from a maintenance point of view.

Home Front Doorway Idea for Gardening Lovers

fit a modern house entrance door

How to create a modern entrance with flowers and plants

outside idea enter contemporary house

Those who love gardening and plants and who willingly devote part of their time to this relaxing activity play on the combination of several floral species for an even more interesting effect.

Natural flower pots for a contemporary home decor

door entry deco style modern large flower pot

Following the current trend, large flower pots are usually made of organic materials, such as wood, ceramic of different shades or natural terracotta.

Design a modern style house entrance with a dry garden

create a garden entrance house pebbles

Japanese-inspired garden and trendy home front door decoration

landscaping house garden entrance

Another simple idea of ​​home-entry design, which gives very good results, is the use of pebbles and gravel. In some cases, they will be integrated in a set with some succulents to form a dry garden.

House front door layout: games of perspectives and symmetry

deco exterior door house landscaping

The coating of the garden path leading to the front door is an element that can be emphasized to play with the perspective and thus give more depth to its front garden.

Transform the outdoor entrance space into a mini Zen garden

idea decoration door design home entrance

Homeowners who lack green space have the opportunity to consider the space in front of their front door as a outdoor garden . They can then equip this area with all the elements they would like to see in a large garden: ponds and water fountains, bridges, green plants and, why not, a mini wooden terrace.

Home Entrance Decoration: Reinterpreting Traditions

home door entry deco modern exterior

Front door layout idea with flowers and vintage chair

create an entrance house luxury interior decoration

When the front door opens onto a courtyard or garden, it is sometimes decorated with one or two designer chairs that give the exterior a slightly retro look, reminiscent of Italian or Spanish country houses.

Design a contemporary design house entrance with benches and a stream

modern decoration architect house door entry

The modern style benches are a current interpretation of the same kind of entrance decoration.

How to use outdoor lighting to create an aesthetic home entrance

how to create a home design deco entrance

Highlight your home decor with contemporary lighting

create a modern luxury villa entrance

The decoration of the entrance spaces of contemporary buildings, based on simplicity and lighting, plays an important role. Its function is not only to ensure the safety and comfort of the inhabitants but also to highlight the shapes and colors of the ornaments, plants and works of art that may be on display.

Minimalist entrance deco: knowing how to combine colors and materials

outdoor decoration door entry design house

Natural decoration of entrance: announce the atmosphere that reigns inside the house

idea deco door glass house entrance design

The combination of colors and materials in the layout of the modern entrance is essential. The wooden coverings, combined with green plants, announce a zen and welcoming atmosphere.

House entry and contemporary garden driveway

amenagement door idea entree house

The walkways leading to the front door affect access to housing and its look. Many contemporary homeowners therefore rely on an aisle covering that incorporates material from the facade or cladding of the interior portion of their building's entrance.

Green decoration and exterior layout of a house entrance

ideas deco door entry house modern architecture

In the spirit of natural decoration, the decoration with cut shrubs is another modern and pretty solution. Among its many benefits is the fact that it protects the entrance to the house and delineates the areas of the outdoor garden.

Exterior of contemporary design house and entrance deco with green spaces

decoration entree house minimalist style

Create a contemporary house entrance with small outdoor garden *

how to create an entrance garden design exterior

* Photo of decoration of entrance of house design by Sunshine Coast Home Design

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