Fixed barbecue and arrangement of a dining area

fixed barbecue outdoor kitchen summer deco modern

How to organize the space around your barbecue fixed to take full advantage of the beautiful season? There is nothing better in summer than meeting up with family or friends for feast around a barbecue , whether in a corner of the terrace or garden.

fixed concrete barbecue

fixed barbecue deco terrace modern

A barbecue area will give you lots of fun, and memorable memories of evenings spent outdoors. He deserves to dwell on his design, layout and furnishings. To find all the comforts you have in your kitchen, it is necessary that your dining space is ideally located, preferably not too far from the kitchen, because there is always something missing.

barbecue area near the kitchen

fixed barbecue outdoor kitchen dining area modern style

It will provide all the accessories for a successful grilling, salt and pepper, spices, olive oil, cutlery and dishes. Or have a cart meal to transport everything without having to go back and forth incessant. We must consider whether we want a real summer kitchen, for intensive use, or just a space suitable for the few occasions when we decide to eat out.

a space suitable for occasions

barbecue fixed kitchen terrace outdoor modern design

If you decide for a summer kitchen around your fixed barbecue, it will bring water, possibly gas and electricity. And arrange the place as an extra room in your home, that is to say, to install a garden room, which can be built in hard, with masonry and floor covering, or be transportable anywhere in the garden .

for a romantic sunset

kitchen barbecue fixed amenagement dining area

You can even plan a use all the year, according to the climate of your region, and to envisage in this case the construction of a pavilion protected from rain and wind. This will also influence the choice of materials for your fixed barbecue, for example by using stainless steel. A barbeque area will provide you with friendly moments that your guests will remember with pleasure. To inspire you, see our selection of images.

covered barbecue area

summer kitchen fixed barbecue

importance of the choice of materials

barbecue covering ground stone

think about the floor covering

barbecue stone rustic sidewalk hill

fixed barbecue attached to the house

barbecue stone sheltered roof

a holiday feeling

barbecue stone garden

fixed barbecue and water supply

fixed barbecue cut stones

for unforgettable memories

barbecue model fixed oven

stone barbecue hard landscaping

fixed barbecue garden background

fixed barbecue copper roof

barbecue stone statue terrace

outdoor barbecue garden

DIY barbecue make it yourself

garden terrace seating

furniture barbecue furniture ratan

barbecue layout benches stone

furniture barbecue furniture pallets

barbecue layout tiles tomettes

barbecue terrace

covered dining area

barbecue bench stone transat wood

fixed barbecue covered roof windows

fixed barbecue wood table

furniture furniture stone

fixed stone wall barbecue

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