Floating floor: a modern and practical choice

floating floor idees deco

It is hard to imagine how a house can be quite warm and comfortable without the wooden floor covering. The fastest way to change the floor covering is to install a floating floor .

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The floating floor is in no way fixed to the structure of your house, it is placed on the already existing floor. That's what makes it so convenient and comfortable. In this article you will find everything you need if you have already decided to opt for a floor floating .

Floating floor for interior decoration

floating floor idee decoration

This type of flooring is usually made of wood, vinyl or a laminate structure that looks like parquet. Parts mounted together create a homogeneous floor that is often laid over a layer of underlay for insulation. The main advantage of this structure is the fact that each move on the ground propagates through all the boards, that is to say that there are no holes that appear. This floor can be attached to almost any type of existing solid floor.

Bedroom decor with floating floor

floating floor design bedroom

Most floors consist of a layer of wood on a hardboard, although there are even stronger models. They are often pre-finished, although additional layers of finishing can be added. When choosing a layered or vinyl substitution, make sure you like their appearance. Ask for samples at the store and bring them home to see if the floor goes well with the rest of your decor. These floors are cheaper, but spending more for a wooden floor can give a better decorative look.

Idea of ​​floating floor covering for the living room

floating floor modern deco

How to install the floating floor? This type of flooring is usually installed by professionals, but if you are a little DIY you can also install it yourself. If it is an installation on concrete, a plastic sheet is placed underneath as a protection against moisture. The underlay is then installed depending on the size of the floor. The next step is to measure, cut and lay the planks. A certain space between the wall and the floor is obligatory to avoid my deformation in case of possible dilation of the planks. This space can be covered with baseboards to create a homogeneous appearance.

Contemporary interior decoration

floating floor deco interior

Wooden floors can be used almost anywhere in a home to create a warm and comfortable decor. They are perfect for apartments that want better soundproofing. On the other hand, this type of flooring is not recommended for bathrooms since the spaces between the planks are not tight enough and allow a leak towards the lower part.

Hallway decorating idea with wooden floor

floating floor corridor deco

Floating floors are easy to maintain and can be swept and cleaned to avoid abrasion that can damage the finish. If it is a wooden floor, you can seal and repaint the different boards or all to refresh its appearance. These floors are easy to install, uninstall, maintain. They mimic the appearance of the wood and insulate the noise. Look at these beautiful examples of floating floors in pictures:

Ultra modern design kitchen with floating floors

floating floor ultra modern kitchen

Elegant bedroom deco

floating floor walnut wood

Contemporary interior design with floor

floating floor desgn contemporary

Idea of ​​modern floor covering for the living room

floating floor modern apartment

Bedroom of contemporary design

floating floor bedroom

floating floor teen room

parquet floating bedroom pose

floating floor deco modern bedroom

floating floor deco original room

floating floor deco dressing

floating floor deco interior

floating floor decoration living room

floating parquet deco dining room

floating floor deco modern living room

floating floor original design

floating floor idee deco bedroom

floating floor interieur open space

floating floor interior modern

flooring design kitchen

floating floor deco original

floor decoration room

floating floor decoration living room

floating floor deco living room

floating floor design bedroom

floating floor design modern bedroom

floating floor design contemporary modern bedroom

floating floor design living room

floating floor elegant design

floating floor idee deco

floating floor idee deco room

floating floor idee deco interior

floating floor modern living room

floating floor poses living room

floating floor bathroom

floating floor modern bathroom

floating floor contemporary living room

floating floor living room idea

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