Floor and carpet design to brighten your floors

floors carpet design floor decorating idea

The creators know that the floors Wood and beautiful carpets can brighten the floors and even change the style of a room. At the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show, a wide variety of materials, finishes, designs and designs for attractive flooring and carpets were exhibited.

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Discover in pictures the best producers and creators and their exceptional products.

Wooden floors by the Italian company Cadorin Group

flooring wood cadorin idea flooring

The Italian company Cadorin Group has shown this wooden floor with a beautiful inlaid golden detail. If you're not a big fan of intricate inlays and you prefer more discreet patterns, this model can be ideal for your room's floor covering.

Wood floors in light gray, pink and dark gray for a beautiful floor covering Manhattan

flooring wood design flooring flooring idea parquet

For those who want a truly exceptional and original flooring, this colorful floor that stands out even more thanks to its metallic luster, can be a possible solution. Modern, it still has a rustic side thanks to the material and its worn appearance.

Colored Rose Floor with Manhattan Metallic Sheen by Cadorin Group

wood floors design idea flooring wood flooring rosewood

If you do not like pink, this leopard print is also a funny idea. It can be used as a decorative accent on floors. An interesting and exotic effect!

Plank with leopard print for exotic interiors

flooring wood original idea floor covering pattern leopard

In recent times, chevron floors are very trendy. The company Walking on Wood offers a wide range of floors of various styles. There is something for every taste. The company, based in New York and London, manufactures its floors of the most beautiful wood species from around the world. Each board is made, personalized and colored in their workshops in the UK.

Chevron floor by Walking on Wood

flooring wood chevron idea wall deco wall flooring

In recent years, marquetry has become very trendy. This particular technique is a true classic and can be a good decoration base for a traditional or modern interior style.

Marquetry: the ideal decoration for your floor

floor wood deco idea interior floor covering deco

Parquet is also one of the main trends of this year. It is versatile, less demanding than intricate inlaid floors, therefore - easier to match and integrate in all decoration styles .

Design flooring idea for flooring, Walking on Wood

flooring wood flooring flooring design

The company West Flooring & Design has presented a very large selection of all kinds of parquet design. Our favorite model is the window-shaped one whose grid seems to be riding.

West Flooring & Design is a leading producer of high quality wood floors

wooden floor design deco floor covering wood floor

The floors are available in different sizes and in a wide variety of colors and styles. Parquet is the preferred choice by homeowners this year.

Different models and colors of flooring for flooring, West Flooring & Design

parquet wood flooring wood idea design floors

Boards are also available in different widths, typically 7.6 to 15 centimeters wide. West Flooring and Design's designer, Peter West, creates complex designs. From his inventive technique and his work to perfection result some very beautiful floors!

High quality wood floors for an elegant flooring, West Flooring & Design

parquet wood idea flooring design modern design trend

Floors do not have to be smooth or vertical. This selection shows that there are floors in a variety of textures, styles and colors.

Floors of different textures, styles and colors, West Flooring & Design

floor wood idea floor interior design floor covering design

This textured wood is of an unusual design. It varies in color, pattern, and texture.

Textured wood of interesting design for an original interior, West Flooring & Design

textured wood floor design idea floor covering trend

Carpets have made their comeback in contemporary interiors. The company Castelluxe offers a wide selection of designer rugs including this one which is wonderful thanks to small silver studs that decorate it. Leon Deutsch, the founder of Castelluxe, uses only natural materials for these creations.

Cowhide floor rug with silver decorative details by Castelluxe

design carpet floor idea cowhide deco ground silver nails

This beautiful piece is made of some individual pieces that can be assembled or separated whenever you want. This rug can also be used original headboard .

Original piece that can be used as a floor or headboard by Castelluxe

blue floor carpet original deco floor idea wall

The Piazza pattern is a modern update of a traditional Italian geometric design. The carpet is made of cowhide. Like most of the products on-line sale on the site of the company Castelluxe, it is available in a variety of sizes.

Carpet made of cowhide with Piazza pattern inspired by a traditional drawing of Italian origin, Castelluxe

floor carpet original idea floor decoration floor covering design trend

This rug is a fun and original decoration. It is made with a cord transformed into carpet. It is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It can be a fantastic decoration for an elegant outdoor space. This rug is ideal for modern interiors.

Floor carpet made of cord: an original and modern interior decoration

carpet floor original macrame idea decorate floor carpet

It exists in different models and colors: white, light gray, dark gray, brown and beige. It can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. The macrame is back!

Carpets of different models and colors inspired by the macrame technique

ground floor design trend original idea decorate floor castelluxe

Available in various patterns, lines and geometric striped patterns, cowhide rugs are durable and easy to maintain.

Pretty rugs with different patterns in cowhide: durable and easy to maintain

floor rug design cowhide deco wall floor

The Blocco pattern is the result of different color combinations. This one is particularly interesting with its beautiful pink band.

Blocco pattern: harmonious blend of colors

motif blockco ground carpet interior decor idea carpet floor original cowhide

This collection of carpets, designed and manufactured by Castelluxe, is very sophisticated thanks to the palette of gray and neutral tones.

Designer rug collection in gray and neutral tones by Castelluxe

carpet design idea indoor idea flooring

The company also manufactures cushions that match with carpets. If you're not a big fan of cowhide rugs, you'll still appreciate its elegant cushions in monochrome shades.

Design cushions that go well together with Castelluxe carpets

cushion interior design modern carpet deco

The duo behind Cold Picnic, clothing designer Phoebe Sung and designer Peter Buer create an impressive collection of minimalist floor mats. Their work is inspired by landscapes and nature.

Modern minimalist design rug designed by designer Phoebe Sung and designer Peter Buer for Cold Picnic

floor mats design deco wall floor idea

The floor mat can be hung on the wall as a work of art or placed on the floor. Floor mats are more and more present in modern interiors. They are a classic and modern decoration at a time.

Carpets designed by designer Phoebe Sung and designer Peter Buer can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor

decorative design carpet contemporary design wall

The floor mats designed by designer Jan Kath are a real favorite. His Spacecraft collection is simply great and very original thanks to the celestial patterns. The designer is inspired by the Himalayas, India and Morocco. In a previous article, we talked about these carpets inspired by the culture of provinces in Russia . Jan Kath is one of the great contemporary artists who has been interested in the place of carpets in different cultures.

Carpet from the Spacecraft Collection by Jan Kath

carpet design interior design modern idea

The collection also includes carpets in light colors of minimalist design. They are less spectacular, but still very elegant.

Beautiful carpet with celestial motifs from the Spacecraft collection by the creator Jan Kath

carpet design interior deco idea trend

Kath updates the weaving traditions and transforms them into modern objects. The color spots that seem random remind us of the moss that grows in a shaded garden path.

Modern carpet of traditional inspiration by Jan Kath

carpet design wall decor trend modern idea

The carpets in the "Heritage Erased" collection are reminiscent of islands and land. The abstract shapes of the traditional Oriental rug style are updated and put into a new context.

Modern carpet of traditional inspiration by Jan Kath: the updating of an old tradition

carpet design modern interior deco idea

In addition to being beautiful, these carpets are also very attractive. They invite to sit comfortably.

The collection also includes cushions

carpet trend cushions interior deco idea carpet design

Here is a closer look at the decorative details of the carpets from the "Heritage Erased" collection. Bright color and abstract stains question the traditional formality of a classic Oriental rug.

Modern interpretation of an ancient tradition

floor rug design modern traditions morocco carpet design idea

Originally from the Iranian city Bahram Shabahang, the creator Orley Shabahang creates artistic rugs using ancient techniques long forgotten. Below is the rug Meyghan Rug which is part of his collection with animal drawings. Neutral and rich thanks to the varied patterns, this carpet would be suitable for all interior styles.

Design rug with animal drawing by the Iranian designer Orley Shabahang

carpet design animal pattern trend modern idea

These rugs fit well with almost any interior style: modern, minimalist, industrial, rustic.

Design rug with animal drawing by the Iranian designer Orley Shabahang

beige interior design carpet decorate deco idea

The bold and geometric design of this rug is very interesting. It is ideal for a sophisticated and elegant interior.

Rug with geometric patterns: sophisticated and elegant

orely-pattern carpet-design-modern-deco-walls-floor-mat ground-deco-coating-bahram-Shabahang

The Shabahang collection offers a variety of designs that will appeal to almost everyone. Hand-made rugs can be colorful, abstract, traditional or in Art Deco style.

The rugs from the inspiring collection designed by the Iranian origin designer Orley Shabahang

carpet floor design decoration floor idea interior modern modern carpet

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