Floral compositions: 77 ideas for decorating with flowers

original ideas floral compositions

No need to spend a fortune for a centerpiece flowers impressive! In this article, we offer ideas for floral compositions with which you can decorate your table or your interior.

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Opt for fresh flowers! Look carefully if the leaves of the flowers you buy are green and the petals quite firm. Choosing fresh flowers is almost the same as choosing fresh vegetables. Let's go for a little tour of the 77 ideas of floral arrangements!

77 ideas for original floral compositions

floral compositions idee deco

To make beautiful floral arrangements, fill your vases with flowers various sizes, shapes, colors and textures to create a rich and original decoration. Do not forget to respect the simplicity, the aesthetics and the flowers themselves! Take a nice basket and fill it with green leaves for a natural but equally elegant arrangement.

Floral compositions of interesting design - some examples to combine the flowers in a successful way

floral arrangements deco table

If you have a monotonous collection of flowers like peonies , the ranunculus , roses or succulents, you can create a very chic decor by arranging them in bowls of design service.

Floral composition idea for wedding

floral arrangements center table deco

Then, depending on whether you place them on the dining table, on the coffee table in the living room or in one of your rooms, the floral composition will change. Making your own floral arrangements is an artist's job, but in some cases it's not just about being creative. We must keep in mind the goal to reach, do not forget the function that this floral composition must serve. If you compose for a specific occasion, the composition must meet certain requirements that you must strictly observe. Thus, to create a romantic atmosphere, it is not enough just to want to do it, it is necessary to put in and make really nice!

Romantic floral arrangement for table decoration

floral arrangements centerpiece deco

Fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, in combination with flowers, can be used perfectly for seasonal flower arrangements. Make a nice collection of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Place them in terracotta or wooden pots if you want to create a rustic-style floral decor. You can also use tea cups, cans with artistic labels or colored glass bottles.

Interesting floral compositions with fruits and flowers

centerpiece floral arrangements

In case you prefer the minimalist style and want to replace the lush flowers with lots of colors, then opt for flower stems. Being minimalist does not mean not loving the beauty of the flowers.

Interesting floral composition idea

flower arrangements original fruit idea

To create a minimalist floral arrangement, you can use glass cylinders and flowers with long stems. Do not forget to remove the green leaves before placing them in your vases!

Floral arrangement with fresh flowers

floral compositions original idea

Mix the last seasonal hydrangeas with dahlias, or why not with artichokes? Here is a beautiful idea that will give texture to your floral composition. Opt for a vase large enough to compose a large bouquet of flowers. But, be careful, make sure its top is smaller so that the vase can hold everything together. This is a great solution, to use for a party outdoors or indoors.

How to create floral compositions full of colors?

centerpiece floral arrangement

When you imagine a flower arrangement at a party or simply to adorn its table, we often let ourselves be guided by a specific theme. It can be the central theme of the event we are going to celebrate (a birthday, a wedding, a baby shower party ...), of a seasonal party (Easter, Christmas, Halloween) or simply , the atmosphere you want to create on your table.

flower arrangement DIY idea

In any case, this kind of flower arrangements is often rich in color. And, precisely, did you know that one could use the principles of the harmony of the colors to realize floral decoration even more original and nicer? Below, we reveal the secrets for natural and elegant bouquets full of colors.

Idea of ​​table bouquet in complementary shades

flower arrangements ideas decoration

The association of colors is one of the most remarkable components in a floral composition. Use successful color combinations to make your bouquets and flower arrangements even more worthy of admiration.

Fall themed floral decoration

original floral composition idea

Repeat color compositions that work well together in interior design and fashion. Yellow and orange or purple, red and pink - these are two examples of this kind of nuance combination.

Create a fresh floral color

flower arrangement fresh flowers

If you like colors, let yourself be guided by the principle that a decor (indoor or table) should have, as a rule, two complementary colors or three or four harmonious shades of the same color.

Pro tip for a colorful flowers decorations

floral compositions original modern ideae

Decorators and professional event organizers usually select flowers also according to the color scheme in the space around the table. Why not take this little trick for your floral creations? Try harmonizing your next floral arrangement with the paint in your dining room or with the accessories you place on your table.

How to integrate white flowers into a floral decoration in colors?

fruit floral compositions idea

The white flowers have an indisputable charm. That's why we like to look at them and expose them in our living spaces. But they are also difficult to marry with flowers of other colors.

Floral arrangement with white flowers

original vase floral compositions

To make the most of the beauty of white flowers, avoid combining them with shades that are too bright or too accentuated, such as red and blue, for example. Strong contrasts do not rhyme with the purity and finesse symbolized by the white petals. And then, you risk doing too much in an interior that already has one or two other colors.

Idea of ​​color association and chic floral decor

pink floral arrangements deco

Instead, opt for a natural and delicate color combination. Combine white with shades of beige and ivory. You will get an elegant bouquet, ideal for a chic decor every day, as for an important event.

Natural floral decoration idea

pink floral composition idea

Otherwise, add some extra greenery to your floral decoration in white. This is a tip used by the pro to emphasize the immaculate color of the petals and give the bouquets a fresher and more natural look.

Floral arrangement in a braided basket

flower arrangements fruit flowers idea

For more inspiration, do not forget to check out the rest of our 77 ideas for an original decoration with flowers!

Floral arrangement in white and yellow

floral arrangements with lemons fruits

Floral composition in a vase decorated with oranges

green orange floral compositions

Floral arrangement idea for table decoration

floral art composition idea

Simple decorating idea with flowers

simple elegant floral arrangement

Table decoration with flowers

floral arrangements deco table idea

Floral decoration for the coffee table

flower arrangements DIY idea

Simple but elegant floral decoration idea

floral arrangements idee deco

Rustic floral decoration in green and white

green white floral composition

flower arrangement deco table

floral composition design idea

elegant floral composition idea

flower arrangement autumn flowers

floral composition idee deco

flower arrangement idea decoration

simple idea floral composition

flower arrangement wedding candles

flower arrangement wedding idea

flower arrangement wedding table

flower arrangement wedding table deco

floral arrangement Christmas idea

original floral arrangement

original floral arrangement deco table

interesting original floral composition

wedding flower arrangement

floral composition for wedding bouquet

original floral composition table

floral composition for christmas idea

rustic style floral composition

floral composition dining table

floral composition vase high

interesting vase floral composition

white purple floral composition

flower arrangements candle idea

floral compositions heart idea

floral compositions deco idea

autumn leaf floral compositions

flower arrangements fruit flowers

elegant flower arrangements

interesting ideas floral arrangements

original ideas floral compositions roses

flower arrangements idea table

interesting floral arrangements

yellow flower arrangements idea

pink floral compositions idea

simple flower arrangements

flower arrangements tulips idea

elegant vase floral compositions

floral vase vase compositions

floral deco table idea

deco dining table flowers

deco table wedding flowers

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