Folding paper towel easy and easter decor with towels

rabbits folding paper towel easy

For Easter, consider creating a nice decor with towels. Discover how with our easy paper towel folding templates! Easter is a celebration of the first days of spring.

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On this occasion, we decorate our tables of flowers, eggs and various figurines associated with this season. Rabbits, birds and butterflies are among the most used.

A fresh Easter table decoration in colors with occasional folded napkins

butterfly folding paper towel easy

Towels, which are a mandatory complement to all meals, evoke these same reasons. They are found on the printed images but in the interesting folds or even on towel rings.

Folding paper napkins easy: discover our ideas for a nice Easter table!

deco easter towel

The following photos will show you ways to fold napkins for the party table or complete them with cute accessories. These models can be easily adapted to paper or fabric napkins, depending on your preferences.

Idea of ​​folding paper napkin easy and festive

Easter deco folding napkin easy paper

In addition to the shapes and ornaments of the napkins, a table decoration successful also requires appropriate colors. For a more formal meal, consider choosing towels the same color as the tablecloth (usually light shades like beige and white).

Folding easy paper napkin and fun party table decoration

folding paper towel easy easter ideas

The more casual occasions also leave you more freedom. You can then choose towels with decorative patterns. In any case, we recommend that you bet on towels that match the rest of your decor with their colors and size.

Folding Easter Towel and Party Table Template

easter towel decoration table party

To ensure the comfort of your family and guests, always choose towels that absorb moisture well. This rule applies to both fabric and paper towels.

Easter table decoration with child's towels

children's towel deco table easter

Avoid buying poor quality products that are not practical. If you have decided to bet on fabric accessories, make sure that their texture matches that of the tablecloth.

How to organize your table decoration and where to put your towel?

easter folding napkin table

Where and how to place the decorative napkin? This will depend on how folded it is but also on the type of meal you organize. At an official meal, towels are often placed in the center of the plates themselves. This way of proceeding will save you space for storing other items on the table.

How to decorate a Passover table of napkins?

decoration paque towel folding

It is also practical for towels folded in an original way (for example, in the shape of animals) and for those decorated with a ring, which become a decorative accent in itself.

Easter decoration idea for table with towels

rabbits folding paper towel easy

It is also possible to put the towel on the table, to the left of the forks or even, in the case of informal meals, to place it under the cutlery.

Easter decoration with towel and ring

round towel easter

Finally, do not forget to bring some extra towels, to be kept close to the table without bending them: they will be useful if you need to replace a guest's towel and could also be placed under a bottle or in a box. bread basket. And now, let's take a look at some of the most common reasons for an easy folding paper napkin on your Easter table!

Folding paper napkin easy: Easter table deco with rabbits

folding paper towel easy-deco easter table

Rabbits are one of the most beloved symbols of Easter. They are found in indoor and outdoor sets, thematic images for the party and even on children's chocolates. Enjoy this popularity of the Passover Christmas Tree and invite it to your dining table.

Folding paper napkin easy model by Denise Meneghello

deco table folding paper napkin easy

To make such a rabbit, you would need only a towel (paper or cloth) and a rope (in case you are going to work with a cloth napkin, also get a iron to redo). Once all materials are collected, follow the tutorial steps upstairs to fold the Easter Bunny shaped towel!

Easter bunny paper idea for original table decoration

folding paper towel easy easter-decoration-table-child

The Easter Bunny can also take the form of a paper accessory, to be stored near the towel itself. Realize it by taking inspiration from the model on the image below and you will get a thematic table decoration that you can fill with sweets for children!

Easter bunny table decoration for children

folding paper towel easy rabbit-easter-deco-table-child

In the shape of a small storage box, this friendly animal will seduce the little ones. It is ideal for decorating a festive table in the spring!

Example of table decoration and folding napkin with bird's nest

folding paper towel easy easter-deco-table

Beside the rabbit, there is another symbol of the spring period that often appears in the table decoration. These are birds and their small nests which are a sure sign of the arrival of sunny days. Why not make a paper to decorate your spring table? Shape it so that it can replace the classic towel ring.

Table art and springtime decor with nest-shaped napkin, Easter eggs and flowers

deco folding easy towel easter

Moreover, a cloth or paper towel can very well turn into a nest; in the center of it, we would hide one or two eggs and a small flower. What better way to symbolically express the arrival of spring?

Napkin rings idea for spring table deco

folding paper towel easy ring-beads-spring

If not, try making your own towel ring using multicolored pearls. Select spring shades such as yellow, green, blue or red. Thread them on a thread and tie a knot to connect both ends. Then use this improvised ring to decorate your cloth or paper towels!

Discover all our ideas of folding paper towel or fabric easy!

napkin paper decoration easter

Easter and the spring season offer so many varied table deco options. The art of folding paper or fabric napkins still occupies an important place on the spring table. So that's one more reason to explore original ideas of folding paper napkin easy in our gallery of images and tutorials!

Idea folding napkin paper or fabric for Easter

towel towel idea

Easter decoration and easy paper towel folding with flower-shaped ring

easter towel deco paper

Folding paper napkin easy: origami rabbit idea for easter

origami easter bunny towel

Example of folding of cloth and paper napkins

ideas folding napkin easter table

Easter decoration with towels

example folding towel easter decoration

Folding paper towel shaped like a little bunny

rabbit easter folding paper towel

Folding easy paper towel and party table storage

easel folding paper easel pattern

Example of Folding Easy Paper Napkin for Easter Party Table

folding paper towel easy idee deco easter

Folded napkin and table decoration with ring

easy folding paper towel

Paper towel: easy folding for festive decoration

images folding paper napkin easy

Folding easy paper towel with ring

folding paper napkin easy-decoration table party

idea folding napkin easy paper easter decor

how to fold a towel rabbits easter

idea folding napkin table easter

folding napkin party deco table

folding towel easter decoration easter

rabbit pattern folding towel

how to fold the easter deco towel

easter party folding towel

idea deco spring folding easy towel

idea-easter flower towel

napkin decoration table

deco butterfly table towel

deco table party easter towel

easter deco table party towels

deco easter towel

decoration napkin table easter

decoration napkins paper easter

round towel easter table

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