Friendly and functional open kitchen for the modern house

open kitchen modern design

The concept of open kitchen is something more and more fashionable in contemporary interior design. It's convenient, efficient, friendly - what's better?

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It's like cooking a loft where you do not have separate rooms but a kind of open space without partitions which allows you to move freely and especially to have larger and more comfortable rooms. The open kitchen is a considerable trend, look at our gallery and you'll see why!

Open kitchen with a kind of integrated bar

open kitchen design bar

You have more or less two possibilities - whether the kitchen is related to the room or eating (or simply to the dinner table ), or she continues directly in the living room. The second possibility, less logical, but more intriguing, would be a good solution for small spaces. For example, urban apartments in big cities where you need to save more space. The mix between open kitchen and living room, with a kind of bar with high chairs , will be a superb design idea, especially for parties with friends.

Kitchen with direct link to the terrace

open kitchen wood terrace

See with your own eyes what an open type kitchen could do for your home or apartment. Here are some awesome and inspiring ideas that may motivate you to think of work at home for the next season. You do not believe in it? Just look at the pictures we have chosen:

Spacious open kitchen with a dining area

open kitchen to dining room

Open kitchen template with wooden table and brick wall

open kitchen modern wood table

Example of contemporary kitchen decorated in white

Spacious open kitchen modern design dining area

Contemporary kitchen with tile backsplash

Open kitchen very bright full of colors pink wood

Open kitchen idea with central island and storage

Open kitchen acontemmporain style kind of integrated bar

Open plan kitchen with blue walls

bar chairs Kitchen direct link the outdoor terrace

Large solid wood dining table and kitchen worktop

Large solid wood dining table plan work kitchen wall bricks

Semi-open kitchen to the living room

contemporary style kitchen semi open to living room

Living room and kitchen linked with original designer furniture

Living room kitchen link deco original design furniture

Large family home with dining area and kitchen

Large family home space dining room kitchen uni white

Beautiful mix of styles between kitchen and dining room

Beautiful mix style between kitchen dining room table

View from above from the kitchen to the living room and outside

kitchen-dining-to-a-room-and-living-puvert great-space-lie

The open kitchen allows for a larger and free space

open kitchen allow to have ample spacious and free

Living room kitchen set successful combo bar chairs

Large open kitchen dining table middle design furniture

Interesting kitchen design opening very bright light

Vintage deco furniture interior open kitchen design

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