Furnish your interior in a comfortable and elegant way

modern living room in gray carpet yellow armchair cushions coffee table sofa white curtains

If you want a comfortable life, start with the layout of your living space. How arrange its interior in a nice and elegant way?

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Discover our gallery of 60 photos of interior living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and toilet, designed by the young designer Andriy Voskolovich . His design studio is located in Kiev, Ukraine. It was founded in 2010 after the end of his studies in architecture. A team of young designers designs modern, conceptual and economical interiors.

Furnish your interior with cushions and floor mats for a cozy atmosphere

modern bedroom furniture TV stand white office wood chair lighting fixture

What is a comfortable and modern interior? It's a space of minimalist inspiration, but not necessarily Scandinavian . The definition of "minimalist" according to the user is "who puts implement the minimum of elements, which upsets the minimum of things ". The interiors present in the gallery are minimalist in this sense. They include few elements and furniture. The decoration is often absent. The colors are primarily neutral. Sometimes we see colored accents in yellow and red. The furniture is modern and comfortable, there are no old objects.

Furnish your living room interior with ergonomic chair for more comfort

armchair living room idea furniture pouf coffee table design curtains windows deco plant

There is a golden rule in design according to which open space is a functional space. Indeed, an open space saves in place and in light. Here is an open interior including the kitchen, the dining area and the living room. The space is vast and bright. To add a decorative element, the designer decided to install these pretty hanging lamps in the shape of a strange flower:

Kitchen open to the living room

original lighting design kitchen sofa table wood chair kitchen

If you want to create a warm atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or dining room, consider installing a floor mat. Ideal in winter, it can also play the role of decorative element. Choose a floor mat in a contrasting color or with original patterns.

Functional wood desk and living room with yellow armchairs

living room design idea yellow armchairs design deco flowers office wooden functional chair design black

Bedroom decorated with abstract painting

arrange its interior bedroom wall decoration mirror

bedroom idea interior decoration deco wall bed lighting tv

Gray wall with 3D effect

arrange its interior living room entrance for idea lighting decoration wall

Bedroom in gray decorated with abstract painting

living room wallpaper table wall bed cushions idea bedroom layout

Large bed decorated with cushions

interior bedroom idea layout large bed cushions wallpaper gray effect 3D fluffy floor carpet

Large gray furniture

interior modern idea layout bed decoration desk chair table wall wallpaper 3D design

interior bedroom modern bed floor mats gray white curtains

interior bedroom deco wall table abstract design bed lamp furniture wall TV

dressing idea storage space saving mirror wardrobe ottoman

interior design dining room design lighting suspension chair wood lounge sofa corner ottoman coffee table floor mats beige

interior living room design design corner sofa design table low living room wood shelves

bedroom idea home decoration interior modern bed suspension furniture wood floor mat

bedroom wall decoration idea bed cushions furniture wood

interior design modern design idea lighting fixtures suspension living room sofa gray armchair ottoman coffee table

luminaire suspension living room design idea wooden table chair sofa modern design deco idea

living room idea design original design lighting fixture suspension ottoman blue wall decoration

arrange your living room interior idea ottoman couch floor mats furnished tv

living room open kitchen design interior design apartment ottoman blue central island stool

corner sofa gray design carpet floor chair curtains living room idea

interior design painting wall deco art abstract sofa gray coffee table living room design

workspace office wood armchair white design deco glass wall

interior design living room sofa yellow cushions pouf coffee table white curtains

arrange its modern interior sofa yellow curtains gray TV cabinet idea coffee table curtains gray

interior design kitchen open living room table wood black chair sofa black yellow design floor mats beige curtains

arrange its interior living room design idea ottoman yellow black sofa modern living room lighting suspension decoration deco idea

interior living room modern idea layout sofa black ottoman yellow design wall deco idea shelves

modern interior design wooden table white chair deco fixture suspension ottoman

kids room loft bed idea pouf floor mats

child room furniture pouf floor mats office wood work lighting fixtures

child room modern idea design floor mats curtains wallpaper black white original

bedroom child bed loft idea floor rug ottoman design chair white curtains bedroom

interior bedroom idea arrangement cushions vanity mirror design idea curtains window

interior design bedroom idea floor mats gray cushions white TV cabinet white chair wood desk

interior design bedroom furniture living room corner sofa design armchair yellow TV cabinet

arrange its interior bedroom modern luminaire suspension chair jauen design coffee table

arrange its interior bedroom design lighting fixture suspension coffee table living room floor mats gray

arrange interior design design bedroom lamp design wallpaper wall

cabin interior kitchen interior design idea modern design

interior design kitchen design island stool furniture furniture wood gray kitchen

dressing storage idea organize dressing

modern interior design marble floor dressing closet

dressing idea storage practice space organization space saving

arrange its interior living room entrance kitchen modern idea layout neutral colors

interior design kitchen design idea table gray sofa yellow armchair wooden table

arrange its interior bathroom design cabin shower idea mirror cabinet bathroom

arrange its interior bathroom design furniture wood bathtub mirror wall design tile false ceiling lighting

bathroom design idea cabin shower wall tile original minimalist

bathroom marble bathtub design deco idea

bathroom marble design layout cabin shower tub white sink white design toilet

toilet installation toilet idea design mirror sink deco

toilet design idea design mirror cabinet deco design modern idea

modern bathroom idea furniture design wood mirror interior minimalist toilet

bathroom layout toilet cubicle shower tile idea

bathroom design black deco idea modern sink bath

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