Furniture and Sculptural Design by Robby Cuthbert

furniture and design in wood and steel

With this publication, we will focus on a series of furniture and sculptural design by American designer and designer Robby Cuthbert. The products in this series have been made in a very original way.

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Made of wood, they are all assembled using stainless steel ropes that have been suspended between the two points furthest from their structures.

Furniture and sculptural design: coffee table in wood and glass

furniture and design coffee table

Robby Cuthbert thus managed to make a whole curious collection of small furniture for the interior without having to use, at any time, nails, screws or glue. Based in Colorado, USA, this artist and designer studied sculpture and architecture at Williams College, an institution specializing in the field of human sciences. Driven by his passion for building unique objects and very artistic, he is currently working on practical furniture projects whose appearance defies the imagination of their users.

Furniture and sculptural design: wooden hanging shelf and stainless steel ropes

furniture and design decoration hanging shelves

The objects in this collection are marked by the creator's love for sculpture, architecture and handwork. They highlight the notions of balance, proportion and geometric shapes . The work of this talented American designer is in line with the rediscovery of the principles that have led to the creation of works of the Italian Renaissance. Robby Cuthbert proposes a new reading of these principles by playing with forms in a completely new way:

Furniture and geometric design: view of the steel ropes used by the designer

furniture and interior design geometric shape

Furniture and sculptural design: idea of ​​original wall decoration

idea wall deco wall hanging design

Sculptural furniture

wood furniture sculptural design

Furniture and modern design for living room decoration

wood table furniture and modern design

Furniture and interior design inspired by sculpture and geometry

modern interior design furniture and design

Furniture and sculptural design: small decorative object in wood, glass and steel

furniture and interior design furniture

Furniture and sculptural design in wood and steel

Furniture ideas and interior design

idea deco furniture wood storage suspended

interior decoration deco objects interior design

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